Camper Day One – Demo

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What’s in a name?  Our house doesn’t have one because it’s just our house!  I think our camper needs a name though… I like ‘leaf’ because we plan on blowing around wherever the wind takes us.  It’s also an ‘Aloha’ camper, ‘Kona’ is a Hawaiian name we like.  And it would be pretty cool to take it to every state except Hawaii, and with that we think maybe it should look and act Hawaiian.  What are some other good names?

Some of you know, my brother had a pretty big atv accident last week, thankfully he is going to be ok by the looks of things, he is still in the hospital but doing better than expected.  Some other weird things happened that made it a much less than stellar week, almost to the point of being so bad it was funny! A good end to that was to get to do some demo on the new addition, [insert camper name here].  It’s amazing how a little destruction can make  things feel better!  Also a stay-cation including packing the family up, eating candy for dinner and staying up way too late watching cartoons with the kids and Denver getting his own bed, in a hotel room across town!

Really, I have an awesome life and I am so grateful for friends and family, my complaints are few and I am very glad my brother is going to be ok!  Tread lightly, Nate and take it easy, please!

Here are some random pictures of the destruction… I mean demolition:




  1. i think naming it it “aloha” pretty much sums it up! going to be fun watching the progress on it.
    hazel did a wonderful job on her first project!

  2. Hi there.
    We are Japanese TV Station,TBS.

    We would like to introduce your wonderful tiny house to Japanese TV audience on our morning show.

    Can we have an interview on a phone or skype?

    Please reply to us.
    Our email is

    Hope this mail finds you well.



    1. Hi Yuki,
      Thanks for reaching out, I am mostly allergic to different technologies but I could probably handle a phone call :-). I know you wrote this a few days ago so I am not sure if I missed your timeline but if I can still help in any way feel free to email me at

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