Family Update February 2015

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Just a quick update since it’s been a bit!

Mr. Miles is getting quite the personality!  He is all smiles and giggles all the time, I am not used to that since his sister is so darn serious all the time!  He seems to be an easy, happy go lucky dude, he barely complains or cries and is getting pretty aware of his body and the world.  He’s been figuring out his tongue and lips, he’s found his hands and always grabs his feet in that cute little baby roll thing some babies do!  (I need a picture of that!).  He had his four month shots and appointment, he’s abut the 60% of weight and height, and has a big noggen!  He couldn’t be any happier and he adores Hazel, even when shes a bit rougher than I’d like.  He’s getting a few teeth which has made him a bit of a chewer but we have lots of teething objects so hes mostly content.

His new sound!

Ms. Hazel is very adventurous ,she is trying every single word we throw at her, shes extremely vocal.  Her first real sentence, if you want to call it that is ‘baby teeth ouchie, me sorry’  I was pretty darn impressed, my girl has empathy, a BIG deal in my book!  She also says ‘Anbesol’ :).  We are working on potty training, she is way more ready for that than I am, I really need to make it a priority!  I am partially scared for that change to occur but I need to buck up, I feel like I just got in the routine of diapers, now I have to get really careful about getting to the potty in public which seems daunting with a baby baby… but I will bite the bullet.  She’s such a laugh, we just love watching her grow.  She is far more social than we ever anticipated, we’ve noticed she ‘targets’ people at parties and get togethers to be her friends.  She doesn’t know how to go about it just yet so usually she will just snuggle up next to them and give them an awkward hug or kiss.  Cracks us up… but she comes by it honestly, I’m and awkward hugger!

This was only 5 months ago and I cannot believe how fast her hair has been growing, it’s still thin by kid standards but she is finally getting hair! 🙂

James and I are chugging along.  I am working on my 5th tiny house ecourse that is all about the financials.  I have been having such a great experience interacting with all the tiny house interested people in the discussion boards there!  I get so inspired with all of the interest, and I admit my ego gets a bit too inflated with each review :).  It’s been fulfilling my desire to teach very well! I am starting to feel pretty impulsive, like something is going to change soon, the same way I felt about a week before buying my tiny house trailer.  James has been in the same spot.  I think it’s just in a spot to be ‘receptive to change’, it’s just a matter of the right opportunity coming along so that we can seize it.  This picture is one I saw a couple years ago but it just crossed my path again…


I just love this picture, it looks SO cozy.  Both James and I work from home, we are kind of thinking it would be awesome to have a sweet cozy, in the middle of no where, place to get away to like this.  We went to look at a property yesterday and have another one on our radar.  I have set ridiculous parameters for this build as well (about 15k, including land) so it’s a trick to find a cheap place that fits our needs but we have options!   The plan would be to build a simple teardrop trailer with a kitchen a bed and a generator, then have the living area to go to.  I want to be able to back in the trailer and have all the amenities of home, away from home, I have some schematics going, we will see if it all lines up!  James and I are both pretty excited about prospects but honestly I have no idea how this period of change will end up!

Denver dog is awesome as usual, we just attended the annual Miller superbowl party and he got to play with 50 of his closest friends.  He is such a sweet boy, he can easily reach tables but leaves them alone, even with a pile of steaks on them, many a people were very impressed with his restraint!  We’ve been getting back to the dog park and getting back into the swing of our regular dog things that took a back seat when Miles was born, he’s a big fan of getting his social life back!  He has still been going to hang with James at work since Hazel is so darn bossy with him!  Poor guy still can’t do anything right in her eyes!  Funny, but not fair to him!  She’s getting better though now that we have a sticker system in place, she gets a sticker at night if she was nice to Denver all day.  Toddler logic is simple once you get used to it! 😀

I hope you all have been as healthy and happy as us!


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  1. Hi Macy, great news. Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us. Your family (human and animal) look amazing. Love the baby sounds. The idea of a “get away” place looks great. Also looking forward to your fifth ecourse. I am trying to see how I could implement here…the rules are a bit different and getting a small piece of land is very problematic and expensive. They don’t just let you buy land and put your own little home or house on wheels on it…you have to have a house plan to build and usually it has to suit the needs or requirements of the municipality or community. I hope the small/tiny house community will become a part of our lives here. We will see. I wonder how it is in other parts of the world. All the best to you and your family. Shoshana

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