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Hi Everyone,

I did a quick-ish video tour of the new addition.  I apologize, like I’ve stated time and time again, I hate video, particularly being in it!  I know it is much easier to visualize a space via video though, and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to see the new parts, so here it is, don’t judge me personally, feel judge the house and my housekeeping skills! 🙂  To view in YouTube click HERE.

Thank you for all the support in construction, it makes it much easier to keep going!

Macy M
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  1. Love the Reno. I am mildly obsessed with tiny homes and so have seen hundreds or maybe thousands. lol. Yours is still my favourite. Wonderful job.❤️

  2. I love it Macy! You are absolutely genius, there is so much storage and yet you always leave a little something for further adaptation, like the open space in the kids’ bedroom. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Hi Macy,
    Your remodel and video tour are awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us. You can be very proud of yourself! What a job you did-and 7 mos. pregnant.
    The best to you and your family.
    Mary Ann Gonsalves
    PS. I just love your tiny house!

  4. I cannot believe people would even think to comment on your parenting on your own blog! People can be so judgmental hidden behind their keyboards. I just found your blog mid your renovation and spent hours backtracking and reading right to the very beginning! I’m building myself in San Diego, and have a dog and an 11 year old. I hear the same kind of comments about raising kids in tiny houses that I see in some of your blog comments and just wanted to say that watching you do it successfully is inspiring! Keep up the good work. I’m sure lots of other people are equally as impressed and just not commenting ?

  5. Wow, it is perfect. You really have a way with making good use of space. I am glad that Hazel likes it so much and the transition was smooth. Thanks for sharing all of this. And congrats on the newest addition.

  6. I love the new kids room, so cozy and practical! Great use of space, especially all the areas that Hazel (and soon her brother) can easily access and play in. I totally see why she sleeps there all night — the room is tailor-made for her 🙂

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