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And then, just like that she slept all night in her own bed! I totally admit I was not ready for that and I thought it would be a more difficult transition… I nornakky ask if shes ready for bed and she climbs the steps… I asked and she ran to her room and crawled in bed like she had done it a hundred times… and then slept there, all night!



  1. awe…..A new video tour would be totally appreciated of the addition!!! I rewatch your home tour over and over…you have the BEST bathroom…and my mom LOVES your loft!! I think you have the cutest tiny house EVER!

    1. Thank you Andrea! A new video tour, at least of the changes is definitely next on the list! I wish I didn’t hate being on video so much or it would already be done! Stay tuned, I will aim to do it sooner rather than later! Thank you so much for the kindness!

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