I Got An Award!

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I got an Award! From the City of Meridian! For my tiny house! How cool is that! In some places in the country people are being evicted from their own land for their tiny houses and in other places people are being given awards. How very awesome that I live in the best place ever. I love my city :). Thank you Mollie for the nomination! Very, very cool!

Thank you Nater, James and the person who took the pictures from the City (and Mollie for getting them to me!) for the pictures! I was really glad my family could make it too!  Cool Cool! )



  1. I’ll have to pull my little house out to your city. Actually I did receive a letter from my twp stating there is a “shed being built on your property with no permits on file” bla bla bla. So I went in and and showed it was being built on a trailer and not stationary. They actually liked it and there were no “rules” being violated. I knew though it’s not permitted to live in it continuously throughout the year so I will need to move it when it’s finished. Congrats to you on the award AND your new little addition to the family

    1. That is amazing, congratulations! We need to find a city/town like Meridian. The town we are currently in had informed us we would not even be permitted to construct our tiny house within the city limits, imagine. I love hearing about stories like this because it shows growth, understanding and support for the tiny house movement.

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