We Got the Best Babies!

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Who takes a ten day old on a trip across the country… with an almost one year old Great Dane… in a car… and has literally zero issues that come up?  This girl (and James)!  How did we get so lucky to have such great babies! We all survived the journey from Idaho to the first ever Tiny House Conference in North Carolina.  Now MiniM thinks we live in a mansion compared to the Prius she spent more than half of her life in!  That right there is the trick to ‘families in small spaces’, cram them in an even smaller space for a long time and then a tiny house feels huge!

Ryan Mitchell did an awesome job putting the Tiny House Conference together, it was such a great event, it was SO nice to meet all of the people, new builders and old! 😉  I swear that the attendees were the nicest people ever and they sure made me feel like some superstar (I am just a person people, I haven’t done anything that you aren’t capable of too!), it’s so weird/cool/surreal to be treated that way :).   There were SO many people there that I have called upon to answer my questions over the last few years like Drew, Laura, Dan Louche, Ryan of course, Hari and Karl and Chris and Melissa that it was so great to meet in person.  There was even people that I am too nervous to ask my questions of for fear of wasting their time. (cough cough) Dee Williams was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  She is hilarious, sweet and quirky, I LOVED getting to meet her in person.  She’s such a GREAT inspiration, I am so glad the world has people like her, she is what inspires the rest of us!  It was great to meet Zack Jones, I’d like to get you on Tiny House Chat soon to talk about tiny house codes.  He’s a great resource for LOTS of tiny house issues though!  Sarah and her man-friend were awesome :), Suzannah and Sicily are always amazing, I wish I could have spent more time with you two!  I’m really sorry about your house problems but those shots you got when you got back are amazing!

This one is my favorite!
This one is my favorite!

I really enjoyed talking to Teal and his wife as well as his dad, and I was amazed at the craftsmanship of their tiny house, great option if you’re looking to buy instead of build! And of course the bus!  Kelly was a sweetie and their bus is awesome, I want a bus house now! I have probably left off some important people, I do that sometimes… I’m sorry if I missed you!  It was so great to meet everyone, especially the attendees!!  So many great questions and conversations!

Of course I wasn’t as ‘present’ as I could have been if I was not tending my Little Miss but I hope I was still of some use to others too.   Also because Little Miss M was very happily on both parts tying up my paws I wasn’t able to take many (any) pictures but if you search #THC14 on Facebook a whole bunch will come up that others have taken.  you can also see updates here.  I hear rumors that the Tiny House Conference 2015 will be in Portland, that is a MUCH easier drive for me, I hope to meet even more people there!

MiniM has officially been to 18 states and the Atlantic Ocean.  This makes 20 states for Denver, 30 for James and 32 for me.

these are the states we hit.
these are the states we hit this trip

And here are some pictures from our side of this adventure:

And… Baby giggles!






  1. Hi Macy, Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your family trip. Just a brief thought, as you might have another road trip or two, if you are going to have Denver riding in the front, it would be best to have the passenger side air bag, disabled. If it deployed it could very well seriously injure him! He is a big dog, but small by human standards for air bags. I did not know this until recently and am very grateful to God that mine never went off in the two very minor accidents I had with my beautiful Siberian Husky Willow in the front passenger seat. She traveled with me when I had my sales job traveling over 35,000 miles a year. She passed away over 5 years ago and is still deeply missed, so I know how precious our four legged furry family members are. Both your babies are adorable.

  2. So, so nice to meet you in person along with James and MiniMiller. What a beautiful family you have.

    And your idea about cramming your family into a smaller space and THEN a tiny house is brilliant. Excellent strategy!!

  3. Great to officially meet you too! I am so pleased to hear that you had a good trip with your lil family. I am so impressed with y’all!

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