Open House and a New Location??

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I had a huge accomplishment today and had my final open house for my place.  It was extremely well attended, I was impressed with the crowds that came through.  I had lots of great conversations and there is just a ton of interests in the valley in tiny living.  I learned about some cool developments that are happening locally, not ‘tiny’ but small and sustainable housing.  Tons of great feedback and encouragement.  I meant to take some pictures but alas, I forgot!  Thank you to each of you that took the time to come down, it meant a lot to me, you made it a great day!

As much as I would like it to end there and live happily ever after, at least for a little while, I have one more thing to do before I can relax and move onto other things, that is to find a new place to live!  Big, I know.  Things just aren’t working out where I am for personal reasons more than anything else and I think that while I have the energy and the mobility and before winter really hits I should get in a place where I feel safe and secure to start the next stage of life with this kiddo.  I am looking for a place in the valley with access to an electrical outlet, just a standard 110V, as well as a water supply.  It is a bonus if there is a clean-out to empty grey water into  but not a requirement.  If anyone has any leads please let me know!

I am looking at a few different options here, just for transparency sake I will go through them.

First, the location where Stacy built her tiny (Just a Smidgeon) apparently has some spots that may be an option, this is an exciting option that would be a great location, close to work and other things.  I will make a call on this I think once the dust settles a little with a couple other things.

Second, I have been talking to the HOA out at my parents place, they have ten acres where I built my house, if the HOA approves the house as a temporary house this may be the best option at least until I can get a more clear plan to proceed forward with.   I would be near family and able to save a little money in preparation for the kiddo.  It is in the HOA’s hands though to vote me ok or not and they are taking their sweet time to think about it (though I very much appreciate their consideration) :).

The third option I am looking at again is to find a house with a piece of property to purchase that is a good layout for me to park my house on portion and have the main house as a rental.  This is more tricky because it really has to be a good lot in a good location for a decent price where I can live and not have it feel like I am living in someones back yard, more for their sake than mine.  I would get to try my hand as a slumlord in this case and be able to have someone else building my equity while living cheap/free.  I have found two houses that may work for this so far but I have only been looking for a week.  One is just a little higher on the price scale than my range but may be doable depending on how much I could rent the place for (and it has a HUGE shop, big plus!).  The other is in a short sale so basically up in the air and not really a feasible option but would be a cool place right downtown.  I am continuing to look at properties but I am very hesitant to get too tied to a payment and make any rushed decisions.  If it makes good sense it will fall into place, definitely not anything to force though.   Hopefully this weekend or the next though I can get something figured out and get situated again though, I have been couch surfing it with Denny for a couple weeks and I’ve had enough, turns out it’s not that fun when you’re preggers!

That’s the news for now, thanks again to all those who stopped by today, you made it awesome!



  1. Glad to hear that the open house went well. I would have loved to have been there but VA is just a bit too far. Sorry to hear about the move, but the next location will be even better, good luck.

  2. Good luck with finding a place! I know how topsy-turvy it is to not have a place in mind to park your home. And I’ve never been pregnant while doing it. I know it will all work out, you have such a positive attitude about everything. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jessica, it is up in the air but an easy choice to make at this point. I just hope to find somewhere before too long! Thanks as always for your support!

  3. your tiny house It’s so cozy and beautiful, I know you will find a great place to call home. Positive thoughts going out to you! 🙂

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