Tiny House Conference!

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Right now is the very last week to get your discounted earlybird prices for being a pre-planner and stuff for the Tiny House Conference April 2014, that’s only about 6 months away!   This year, for it’s inaugural year, it will be in Charlotte, NC, April 5th and 6th.  At this point there are 6 tiny houses that will be there ‘in person’ at the  event to walk through and poke at.  There are 12 speakers and growing (including yours truly!).  This is sure to be an absolute blast, from what I understand it is hosted at a camp ground so there is sure to be campfire bonding experiences for all.   It is a two track set-up so there will be multiple presentations happening simultaneously BUT, if you sign up, all of them will be recorded and made available to you!  So even if you don’t want to travel persay you could still watch ALL of the sessions later but you will miss out in that case on one heck of a good time!  I think this is going to be a phenomenal opportunity AND a great family vacation if you so choose to a pretty amazing location with amazing people!  If the traveling is a problem there is even a place to find carpools to the event from all over the country.  That could be it’s own adventure!  So, not only do you get to get inspired and educated on all of your questions/wonderings of HOW to go about building a tiny house and making that transition and talking to basically ALL (ok… a lot) of the key players in the movement, but you get to hang out with a whole bunch of nerdy awesome people and eat smores (at least that is what I see happening, someone better at least have A smore with me!)

Who is planning on going?  What topics do you think are a MUST COVER at the conference?  I so hope I can meet many of you there!

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  1. Macy, will there be an option to pay a small fee to tour the tiny houses only? I’m interested, but can afford the full package – just start a job, but it’s only part-time. I’ve never “seen” a tiny house except online and I’m close enough that I could drive to Charlotte if there is a tour for $10-20 per person. Any possibilities of this?

  2. Macy, I know the conference is in Charlotte, NC and I’ve even been to their website but, no where does it say WHERE in Charlotte, NC. Care to share its exact location in Charlotte, NC. Thanks!

    1. Hello Mamalulu1,

      This is Ryan from the Conference. We were very intentional about where we selected to hold the event. We wanted a place that people could camp to save money, but we also are very close to hotels. You can also bring your own food and we have a carpool forum on our website.

      Hope to see you in Charlotte!

        1. Hope you can come! Our early bird tickets will end Oct1st and then they go to the full price. So take advantage of the discount if you can 🙂

          1. Wish I could but it’s a big risk. I work for a government agency and am on an emergency response team. If a disaster occurs, all my plans go our the window. I’ve booked camping trips before and been stuck working without getting any refund. Sucks, but that’s the way it is.

    1. Hi Gina-
      My understanding is that there re no tiny houses for sale there, they are all from various tiny house dwellers just bringing their homes for others to see (awful nice of them!)

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