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  1. I’m not sure if you got your gas problem figured out, and I see you have a magic chef stove. But, just from experience these stoves were sometimes set up for both Natural Gas and For Propane, and you need to CAREFULLY switch the stove set up not just the regulators. A simple, but not specific to you, idea of what I’m talking about is here. Also, I NEVER use a simple mesh reinforced rubber hose for propane or natural gas, I always use a metal coil with plastic(usually yellow) coating for my NG and a steel braided over rubber or the same as for NG hosing). The pressures in some tanks are just too much for the hoses to take. Also, try to keep your tank and especially your hose out of direct sunlight. The hoses tend to not deal with UV exposure mixed with 90 degree+ days, too well. Cheers, ~Jay

    1. Thank you Jay! I have it partially figured out, it’s workable but will be changed here shortly in the exterior work I have coming up! This is a lot of really great information, thank you so much for commenting!

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