Update 6.16.13

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I am trying to scrap together pictures as I can, here are some from this weekend as well as a couple from moving day.  This weekend the goal was to get through Lacy’s wedding and to get the water hooked back up.   It was a successful weekend on both accounds plus some others!  I got to get all dressed up and purty for Lacy’s wedding Saturday and Dad was going to come over on dad’s day (I know, he shouldn’t have to work then!) and put in a second hose bib on James’s place so that I could run a potable water hose (be sure to get a potable hose!  a standard hose probably shouldn’t be used for drinking/showering, ESPECIALLY as the main water source, there is ucky plastic stuff that could cause bad things).  If dad was having to work on dad’s day I figured the least I could do is invite the family over and make some breakfast!  We had a pretty good time and as it turns out there was already a hose bib there that worked just fine, James had forgot about it (it was pretty hidden under the deck in his defense).  Easiest hose bib ever to install :-).  I hooked my hose up to it and it was like 4 feet too short!   We had a pretty busy day planned with blowing some glass light covers for the kitchen with my bros, that ended up having to be canceled since the glass dude mis-scheduled things.  So that freed James and I up to run some errands to try to figure out a solution to our irrigation problem and get a hose extension.

We went for a trip to the farm supply store looking for irrigation caps, a hose extension, and since we were there some fencing ideas for Denny and Guinny.  We had a successful trip an almost all accounts, we couldn’t find the irrigation caps but are thinking that we should just get a little pump and make a pump house to actually irrigate with the water (yeah for gardens! 🙂 ).  Hopefully I will have some garden posts in the future as I learn more there! 🙂  We even had time to run to the store and pick up some supplies to make my first meal in the tiny house (small spaces are stinky, tuna may have not been the best choice, the whole place smelled like tuna fish all night!).  I made some lunch while James went to fence building.   We didn’t quite get done before we took off for dinner with James’s family for dads day, which was a great time.  We came back though and got some fence up!  Crazy unexpected progress for the weekend.

A couple problems I ran into.  Somewhere along the move the gas line broke.  It was an older hose and I think it just got stiff, I may have rubbed it the wrong way when I secured it in the bathroom and it appears to have cracked so that the gas just leaks out… I will need to replace that before I can use my stove or my hot water heater.   There is one MINOR crack in the grout right at the threshold of the door which I think was caused by moving.  It’s kind of in an area that you see cracks all the time in ‘normal’ houses so it’s certainly not a big deal.  Not bad if that is the only damage caused!  I did get my water and electric meter in on Friday as well, those are soon to be hooked up!

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  1. You’ll have to let us know how the water meter and electric meter you bought end up working for you! Installing a traditional electric meter for a secondary residence requires an electrician and is expensive. So I’m excited to know that an under $20 version exists, and even more excited to hear how it works out for you!

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