Update 5.13.13 – Denny!

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It was a big weekend this weekend, but not for tiny house building… I was planning on having a great big awesome update but instead, because wordpress is not playing nice with Chrome (or any other browser) this is all I have time to post.  More to follow soon about actual progress updates. *Spoiler, I have plumbing fixtures!*  Also, I have my Mini Makers Faire presentation coming up on memorial day weekend if anyone wanted to attend or give me ideas of ‘must talk abouts’, please get in touch!



  1. Cute dog, handsome cousin, wonderful city, amazing blog. Fantastic macy (minneapolis, and me, miss you)

    1. Awwww! Cuz, I had so much fun, I am so proud of you and all you guys have accomplished over there, you have a really wonderful life!!! I am happy to get to share parts with ya!

  2. I’ve used a tens (?) machine for chronic pain and it works by overriding pain sensory in the brain and allows for more healing. I liked the tingling sensation… For a while. Hope it helps! Cute pup too!!

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