The real update 5.14.13

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Here is the house process, I wish I had the time/energy/stamina to type out all the things I want to but posting something is better than waiting for the winds to shift and not posting anything at all!  I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day and are having a fantastic week!




  1. What did you do for the shower floor? Traditional poured pan with drain in the middle and tile? I’m contemplating this but wonder about cracking after being moved a few times. Thanks! Greg

    1. That’s exactly what I did except I used little black craft stones instead of tile, it saved me about 60 bucks but took a little longer to lay them out. I am less concerned about the floor having issues, I am slightly concerned about popping tiles out on the shower walls… time will tell though. 🙂

  2. Your shower looks so spacious!! What are the actual dimensions of the shower stall/bathroom as a whole? It seems most tiny home bathrooms are narrow and long but you seem to have found some width…

    1. Hi Michelle! My shower is 34″x42″ and the whole bathroom is 34″x7′-0″, it’s still long and narrow but it does work alright! It’s all in how you use the space! 🙂

  3. Any update on the tile when you travel? I am just getting ready to finish my bathroom and looking for advice about tiling.

    1. I had no issues at all with the tile while moving. they do sell a flexible grout, I would suggest using that if you are concerned, it has a little more give to it, I did not use it though and have had zero issues at all.

  4. Hi Macy, I love your tile shower. I am thinking of doing tile in my tiny house shower as well, but I am a bit worried about weight. What did you use for the tile backer board? Just the standard cement board, or something more flexible? I was hoping to find a flexible and lighter-weight backer board, but haven’t found much information so far. Thank you for your input!!

    1. I used standard tile construction and 1/4″ concrete backer board. I am afraid I am not as much help, I don’t know of a lighter weight more flexible material but I would almost lean toward advising against that, if your backer board flexes you may be more likely to pop a tile? Just my first thought. They do have flexible grout which may help mitigate that, not positive…

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