Update 4.28.13

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What a productive weekend.. not doing what was slated to be done but something much better!  James came over and helped most of the weekend, we got the floor grouted and the shower tiled, I will try to grout the shower tomorrow.  I am nearing completion on the inside, exciting!  My washer dryer unit is getting delivered this week, I will fit it and then secure the kitchen counter.  After that and the grout in the shower dad and I can get all the plumbing in order and it is officially livable!  I still have a bookshelf to build and odds and ends like touch-up paint but its pretty darn close!  I also have an actual plan in place for my barn door.   So, perhaps by Tuesday or wednesday my focus will shift from the interior to the exterior and work on the siding will begin!  Next weekend I should be able to get a good start on that but definitely not get it done… I still have a lot of prep work to do on the pallet wood to get to the point I can hang the siding… baby steps though.  One thing I have learned is that the little steps DO add up… none of these pieces of this house have been mind-boggling, it just takes time.  And time sent on the couch is not nearly as valuable as time spent building!

I hope you have all had a great and beautiful weekend, it was an awesome weekend here, I am showered and clean from the weekend of grunge and my sheets should be dinging soon, I am ready for bed!

Here are some pictures:



  1. You might want to buy some coral calcium for the foot. I broke my knee a few years ago, and I started taking it as soon as I got home from the hospital. When I went in for my follow up, the doctor was amazed at how much the break had healed, but with the foot, you need to stay off it as much as possible and keep it elevated above the heart. Laying on a couch with pillows under the leg to raise it. That’s what I did with my knee. Get some crutches. If you can barrow them from someone that kept them, it’ll save a few bucks. Try not to put your body weight on it. Two months of doing so will help tremendously. I know it’ll be hard. I fractured my pinky toe when my motorcycle fell over and crushed my foot (I was even wearing armored riding boots) in a minor accident. It never healed properly because I didn’t stay off it. Kept doing yard work and what not. The pain eventually went away, but now it’s tweaked (looks a bit rotated compared to the other pinky toe). Also look into doing hot/cold treatments. I used a styrofoam cup to freeze water in it. Peel away the top of the styrofoam to expose a bit of the ice. Rub it on the affected area for five minutes. Then, put a heating pad on it to the highest setting you can stand. Leave it on for five minutes. Alternate back and forth about three or four times. Do a session at least once a day. The cold/hot helps reduce blood flow to aid in healing. Also helps to avoid scar tissue in and around the muscles. Since it’s been eight months, probably won’t help break up any scar tissue that had built up and set in. There are orthopedic therapists that can help break that stuff up if there is any, which is important for proper movement of the muscles. The scar tissue can cause tightening of the muscles and ligaments. The muscle that attaches to the bottom of my patella has a lot of it built up.

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