Update 4.14.13

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Just a quick update again, I have heat tape, and it works, I think!  Big fun weekend, up next… tile! 🙂

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I am an artist, a steward, a minimalist at heart... I love being out in the sunshine... I love animals of nearly every kind, at least the furry ones, I am trying to be a gardener... I believe people are good at the core but are also capable of very bad things when they aren't intentional about their actions... I love my family, my passions and my life... I am just me :)


    1. Thank you, it was actually meant for 100′ total and it more than covered everything, I had to make it a little tighter weave so I didn’t have too much excess (that was ok per the manufactures recommendations)

    1. Oh! I haven’t looked into a Nest before, it does have a programmable thermostat that will be hooked up, it’s probably not nearly as cool though!

  1. With your busy schedule and you always seem to find time to get so much done, (are you some kind of superhuman, or you’ve learned how to bend time and be in more than one place at a time?) anyways, just wanted to say “AWESOME”, it’s amazing what one can get done when one is determined to get it done!

    1. Haha! Well thank you Mark :). It’s just long hours, it helps when you’re jazzed by what you’re doing too! 🙂 Sometimes it sure doesn’t feel like I’m getting much done, it’s nice to hear it! Thank you!

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