Recycled Wine Bottle Planters

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I didn’t have much progress on the tiny house construction per-say this weekend but I had a very fun project that I did with my friend Carissa!  Originally Carissa sent me a pretty sweet recycled planter idea HERE, using 2-liter pop bottles.  I loved the idea but I couldn’t figure out where to put them, they were just a tad too big.  Then I saw some of these:


So, these were pretty much the perfect size and I had the perfect place, so this was our craft project for the weekend.  It was sort of tricky at first but I totally got the hang of it after a couple tries.  Carissa was pretty much a rock star from the get-go though :).   Here is our adventure!

Oh, also, BIG congratulations to James who is officially a licensed and registered architect in the state of Idaho.  All done with those nasty tests!  So proud of you, you’re pretty amazing! 🙂

Here are some pictures, let me know your thoughts! 🙂



  1. If there are any sharp edges of the cut glass from the bottles you could use your dads plumbing torch to take that sharpness off by heating the cut edge of the bottles and you would end up with a nice smooth rounded edge… But certainly a cool reuse for glass bottles.

  2. Now how cool is this…love the idea, particularly the end result…fun enjoying the contents, and endless enjoyment in tending to your mini-gardens. Way to go Macy. 🙂

  3. So pretty! I think this might be an upcycling idea for a kitchen window garden that even my pretentious sister would like! XD
    Also, for label removal I have heard that nothing works better than lighter fluid! :O It’s cheap so maybe you can give it a try!

    1. That is an awesome idea! I wonder if it would cause any fractures in the glass that would make it cut in a different way, I have heard too much heat will break it, I totally should have tried that! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

      1. Well, you could cut the glass first, then rub off the label and remaining goo with lighter fluid. My dad used it every year for removing price tags on christmas and it’d come off free and clear with some lighter fluid on a paper towel! Best of luck!

        1. Oh I see, I misunderstood, i thought you meant soak them then burn it off! That would probably work too but I like your idea MUCH better 🙂

  4. First, I love the idea. Wine bottles – cool. Plants – cool. But I think that there is a that drop down into a gap between the sink and the window is just perfect. I looks like it was MADE for that. It looks freakin fantastic. Genius – I love it

  5. Hey Macy if you like the big fan just take the blades and cut them to the desired size before you assemble it just make them all the same so it stays balanced you can stack them together and cut them all at the same time then sand the edges :))

  6. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the last to hit us :))

    The sink hole you could also build a little tiny cabinet of sorts from wood or metal with holes cut in the top for the beautiful hand made bottles and have a little space below for supply’s I use a few little squeeze bottles near my sink for bleach soap coconut oil ect.

  7. Macy, I LOVE the wine bottle planters in the window! SO perfect. I looked at a little rectangular planter for a window sill a few days ago but it mentioned drilling holes in the bottom of the pots and there was not drainage tray provided! so the wine bottle idea is so great because it allows the plant to drain, but it’s contained. plus it looks amazing! great job.

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