10.29.12 Update

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Here is a half of an update, I am missing some serious pictures.  I got lots further than I show but I forgot to take pictures… You’ll have to wait for the next post!  I got a good jump on my sheetrock this weekend with lots of help from Dad and James.  I am using 3/8″ sheetrock for interested parties.  I am worried about it breaking but I also know how to patch drywall so I’m not TOO worried :).

Here are some pictures:



  1. It looks so real!!! How exciting to see your drywall up! And what a good idea to put your mudding at arm-height. Wish my husband and I had thought of that!

  2. Why is there 2 outlet boxes where your fridge is supposed to go? The top box looks about the right height for a wall switch but how can you reach it with a fridge in the way?

    1. There is a microwave that will sit on top of the fridge, the top outlet is a dedicated circuit for the microwave. The bottom switch is the one for the fridge :). Neither of them will need direct access.

    1. I have, I really don’t care for the look of rounded corners though, I want all the lines to be clean and crisp, I have however gone with just your standard corner guard which I can hopefully get up soon! 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion!

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