Catch Up!

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Well, it’s been a while but it’s time to get back to work!  Just to catch you all up on what’s been going on I’m my life in the last 2 weeks since I haven’t been writing… I moved!  I am officially homeless and squatting in my parents’ basement.  I’m so awesome :).  I am hoping that this will make me work that much faster to get everything done but in the mean time it’s not a bad deal and I am very fortunate to have the parents that I do!  It was a total pain in the butt to move, I am determined to never have that much ‘stuff’ again.  It seems like each time I move I get rid of half of my things, this time is no exception.  I sold pretty much everything I wanted to sell, including pretty much all of my furniture bigger than a basketball (I kept my mattress, that’s all).  The house I was in was so small but it still took forever to clean out two plus years of living in.  Now that that is done it’s time to keep pushing forward though!  Here is a short picture show of my life in the last two weeks! 🙂

Some pictures not seen are going to Shakespeare Festival with my brothers and some friends, we saw Romeo and Juliet, it was such a blast as always!  I have the best life ever, I have been enjoying a little break from my build but I assure you, updates are coming again VERY soon!



Back soon with a roofing/plumbing update!


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