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I have doors!!

Thanks to Greg, he’s awesome!  Bentley Windows and Doors gave me a deal on pre-hanging the doors I got of of Craigslist.  Greg happened to be in town for the weekend from Singapore, he was VERY nice to spend part of his time back giving me a hand on the house.

I also got some more of the furring done around the outside.  The plan of attack I think should be to trim out the windows so I can finish the furring strips, order my elastomeric roofing product (waiting on a couple answers from the manufacturer still), I have a lot more work to do to get the pallet wood ready to go up but that needs to start happening (on a side-note, my friend Antonio showed me this, I may have to see about making something like that!).  The big project for the weekend is to get the house wired, for real this time.  When the doors weren’t in it made it pretty impossible, the wind would come through and rip out all the insulation.  Now, thanks to Greg we are good to go!

One thing I learned today: with the hardware on the doors, the screws in the receiving plate for the door knob only go into the door frame, for the deadbolt they go through the frame and into the studs, much more secure!  I never knew that, It makes sense, i just never thought of it, I thought it was interesting :).

Thanks Greg!

I ran out of light but I got some pictures:

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  1. OMG doors! How cool is that, that’s got to feel like one of those milestone moments when you do a little dance LOL

  2. WOOT! Closing off the elements is a HUGE moment! From this day forward you have protection in that Tiny House of yours. Even unfinished as it is, you can get in there and stay.

    1. It is true, it is nearly ‘campable’, which was my goal before my lease is up. Still need to cover the roof and seal up the windows. I would really prefer to have working electrical and some plumbing too but all in good time! I still have the better part of a month :).

      1. A month is a huge amount of time! As you know I never have put plumbing or electrical in mine. The LED solar light was a HUGE improvement for THO!

        Good luck with your time line!


        1. I need to look into some of those pucks too. How are the batteries doing on them? I was curious how long they would last. Then I may very well steal YOUR idea too, we can swap! 🙂

          1. The pucks are not as Brilliant as I had hoped. Already in the short time since getting them the duracells are running low… for me, it works OK because I get AAA batteries free from a source of mine… Also I am not sure if it is because they were off the shelf and in the unheated back room for the last few months.
            In other words the jury is still out on these. For the loft/bathroom however, they work great. Both of these are not on long enough to burn through the batteries and the light is holding strong with the original 1 month old batteries.

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