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Well, we did it again!

A productive day.  We got all the furring cut for the rain screen walls.  I went ahead and taped up the building wrap seam.  Tonight is for packing up some stuff and tomorrow we pull the trailer out into the daylight and put the rafters on.  Hopefully I can finish wrapping the house too.  Plywood goes on the roof Saturday (after the heart walk… feel free to donate to the cause via our team here) and AFTER the walk I am meeting up with a bunch of strangers to sell a good portion of my possessions (hopefully).

I think/hope I also get to meet Dawson, whom I may love!  I am not sure how many people are actually aware of the plan but part of building this house means that I get to finally have my dream dog and I have always loved Great Danes, particularly the blue ones, they are so pretty!  And who doesn’t think that Dawson is the most handsome pooch ever?? Really.  I hope we hit it off! Even so I won’t be actually getting him until nearly the end of July at the earliest, my schedule right now won’t allow me to have the time it takes to have quality time with a pup, so excited to meet him though!

I am thinking I can get a pretty good start putting the furring on on Saturday as well, in hopes of being that much closer to siding.  I still have about 20 pallets on site that I need to take apart and we anticipate that I may need to find about 30 more, that will be a big job, and possibly my whole Sunday plus to get those disassembled.  We shall see.  There is so much that needs to get done right now that I’m not really bothering with a set schedule, whatever part I feel like working on is what will get worked on.  There is still wiring to get done, some more weather sealing… The windows will be going in soon.  I have the doors down to Bentley to get pre-hung.  I think one of the coolest parts for me will be when the windows and doors go in.

Here is my update for now:



  1. that is really sad that the owner has to give him up. I have me three yorkie-x’s and and i can’t imagine what they would go through if i ever had to give them up. My trio-of-trouble are like a pack of 2 year olds with their own personalities. They have known me all their life and they follow me like ducklings follow their mama’s. I know that Dawson will be greatly greatly sad when his owner gives him up. Dogs never forget.
    Has anyone seen YouTube videos of dogs who’s owners went to Iraq and the home coming they gave them. The army vets were gone for two years or more and those dogs behaved just as a human would. People greatly underestimate the intelligence of animals and how emotional they get when parted with their original owner.
    One of my yorkies, the youngest, she belonged to my daughter for about 6 months after she took her home, so until around 8 months old. Then I took her from her because she was raising her too much like a human baby and she would suffer. So she joined our pack. But whenever my daughter comes over, you can see that Izzy missed her tremendously and has not forgotten her.
    Dogs are like children, if people get them, you have that dog until the end of its life. I know its a hard choice to make to let them go such as the way of Dawson but before getting one, people must think of the consequences to the animal. Animals do suffer tremendously.
    Anyway, I am glad to hear your plans unfold! (: Be blessed!

    1. While this is true and I agree with you in some parts I do think it’s the ‘right’ thing to do if your life situation changes and you can no longer provide the love and companionship that is owed to your pet. No one is in control of their life really and things change. Dogs are like kids but a lot of landlords don’t necessarily see it that way. It is a hard decision to give up a pet but sometimes it is a decision that has to be made. In many cases it is done with the best interests of the pet in mind, not for selfish reasons.
      I commend anyone who has to go through something as hard as giving up their pet so they can have a better life, it is not easy and, particularly in this case not done lightly. I hardly think he should be condemned for making that tough decision.
      Besides, I will give Dawson an amazing home if that is the way the cards fall, dogs have the ability to love more than one person, he will be sad for a little while I’m sure, they are emotional creatures but I have a knack for making animals happy and we will have so much fun he won’t have time to be sad!
      I have been really impressed with how concerned Dawson’s owner is about finding him ‘the right home’, not just a new home. It’s one of those things you never think you would do until you ‘have’ to do it, and I have done it after I went through a divorce and losing my house. It is HARD, in some cases it is the best thing though.

      1. I agree completely with you. (:
        I didn’t mean for my words to be read/sound harsh. Situations like that are really hard on everyone.
        Bless you Macy!

  2. Dawson and Nala need to become friends. Nala needs a dog thats bigger than her to play with, humble her a little bit. Also, I want your dad’s table saw! Good work macy!

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