I want a wall update so bad for you guys, this is not that though… :) soon… I hope

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Please Please Please don’t look at the last picture if you’re squeamish, dad hurt his finger between the plywood and the trailer, it had to be documented.  It’s gross.  This is an update of pictures, the good news is I have a floor, well half of it, and plumbing, the bad news is it’s taking forever!!  I want walls so bad 🙂 I’ll let the pictures explain…




  1. You do not strike me as one to leave things to chance, so I therefore know you have a plan to get to your plumbing if ever the need , but how? Will that section of flooring be built so it is removable in the event of a major repair as In boats?

    That trailer looks huge……my deck when we started was 7′ x 26′ and we extended it to 8′ x 26’…..your goose neck looks massive to what I started with. I confess I wish all my sewer and drain lines were inside the house and not hanging off the bottom…….wish you had started yours before me….LOL.

  2. Oh Bob, you know me so well! 🙂 I feel like that was a really nice way to call me anal retentive too, you’re a tricky devil! 😉 Anyway, as far as the plumbing, I put it totally in the hands of the best plumber in the world, my dad. I have more trust with him because, well, I know where he lives and if it goes wrong I know where I will be getting it fixed. I have no access panel though, we talked about what to do should something need fixed, I believe the term used was that it will be ‘a bitch’ to fix. We will have to go from underneath the house and cut out that portion, it seemed like the lesser of all evils though, I can’t really have my plumbing hanging out in the weather below, it gets cold here in winter. 🙂

    The trailer is feeling awesome with a floor, I can’t describe how excited it makes me!!! It actually seems larger to me than I was expecting too :). Thanks for starting yours before me! I’ve learned so much! ;-). And thanks for the continued support, you rock!


  3. I would like to see more tinyhousers go the pressure gauge route but it’s interesting that pipes are often water tested for leaks and some even wait until the entire exterior structure is complete to worry about that. Pressure gauges are inexpensive enough and air tight is better than water tight. Good thing your dad is around. He really knows what he’s doing. Anyway, it’s a good tip for future tiny home builders to avoid a royal pain in the a__.

    Bob, I had those exact thoughts. I don’t know THAT much about plumbing but is it unrealistic to use complete/full length pieces of pipe along the floor and only have elbows and other fittings at the edges of the house within the cabinets which can have access hatches hidden within them? Of course what to do about the shower…put the shower head side along a wall that also has a cabinet on the other side?

    I think a book/blog about tiny house upkeep & repair from the more experienced would help the newbies make decisions about this kind of stuff.

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