Awesome Finds (Thanks Jed)

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My friend Jed mentioned to me that he had an old camper that he was going to strip out for metals and things and asked if I wanted to go through it and see if there is any usable stuff for my tiny house, there was TONS!

There is a lot of discussion I have found lately on the pros and cons to using old RV parts in a tiny house, they can save SO much money on your build but there is concerns that the stuff used in RVs is not designed to be used on a daily basis.  I am designing my house to be flexible, I am going to plan on using this stuff, if I experience any issues with it I will be sure to update the progress and will be able to update systems as needed.

Here are my finds!

This is the camper, the roof was broken so it wasn’t all that usable for camping.  That is Jed, the superstar :).

All of the appliances and things are in good and working order, and I personally love this stove, I think it’s adorable ;-).

And after we took it out :),  it was a fun demo day with my dad and Jed.

Here is my oven/stove.  It’s in really good shape and looks like it will work fantastically!  There is even a cool little hood :).

It is all gas, I so wanted a gas stove, it’s just better to cook with.  I am REALLY stoked about this, I think it will be perfect for me and my tiny place!

We got the fridge out of there too, it’s in good shape, a little dirty but easily cleaned up.  I am not entirely sure if I will end up using this, if so I will get a separate freezer too, we will see.  This could also be a good mini fridge for Jed and Lacy’s game room, depending?

More fridge.

We snagged the thermostat out of there too (awesome backup source for heat!)

Pulled off the regulator for the propane tanks.

Also got a bunch of misc other stuff, various connections, the electrical converter, the hose connection, the water storage tank (not pictured apparently), some speakers, a couple cool vintagy looking light fixtures, the water pump, all very awesome and very usable stuff!

Thank you so much Jed for all your help and encouragement!  I very much appreciate you!



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