Just a Quick Difference

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While shopping for the pieces to put together my foundation I just want to give you a reference of how much you can save by shopping around.  In general I would MUCH rather prefer to buy from locally owned stores rather than the big box outlets for many reasons.  Inflated prices to cover costs of high turnover people and damaged products being one of those reasons.  Here is an example between prices at Lowe’s verses prices at Fastenal.

Lowe’s Each     Lowe’s Total    Fastenal Each    Fastenal Total

Lock Washers      .13                  $19.80            .05                  $8.07

Washers              .10                  $15.00            .07                  $11.09

Nuts                   .16                  $24.00            .03                  $4.77

l.f. of allthread     .93                  $27.00            .27                  $12.19

_________                              _________

$85.80                                  $36.12

The point would be to shop around, it may take a bit longer and a trip or two more but in a matter of moments I saved 50 bucks… and that’s for a fairly limited amount of stuff… imagine if it was a big order.  Also, I didn’t actually do it, I have to give my dad credit, he grabbed this stuff for me while I was at work, I am very fortunate to have him helping me :).



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