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Here is a quick sketch I drew up to sorta get out of my head the idea I have… I’m not sure it conveys it but maybe… You can see the dove-tail on the trailer would become a deck by being built up to be level with the rest of the flat bed.  That space would then become a small (Approx. 8’-6” x 5’-0”) porch space.  I am also toying of the idea of having a long porch area that, when ready to move, could be folded up vertical against the tiny house.  This will add a lot of weight so I will have to look at this closer, it could most certainly be added later as well.

I have been sticking with the basic shed roof profile because I picture the long ends of this trailer being the north and south orientations.  Having a single sloped roof would allow me to easily incorporate my solar panels and have them oriented pretty close to where they should be. (You can see I also have three tires, i plan on adding that third axle both to hold more weight ‘in-case’ and also, more importantly stabilize the trailer a little better)

I have also shown a ‘wall’ on the one end of the porch, you cant see it very well but I am also trying to show it covered.  For this wall I want to do something like this… it just looks cool but it would also mitigate some wind which can get pretty rough here sometimes AND potentially give me a ‘growing surface’ for my garden.

As for the siding I keep going back to this bluish grey wood siding… I am debating between vertical and horizontal, I think I like vertical though…As far as keeping things on the cheap… I am wondering if I could do something with old wood pallets to make this siding.  I would have to treat the wood of course and it’s not a high quality wood at all so it would be way more prone to rot and things, still… it would be HUNDREDS of dollars in savings, if not free (already checked all over Craigslist :)… so I’m pondering it… below is an example of an (interior) wood wall made of old wood pallets… wouldn’t you think I could do a similar thing with per-weathered wood pallets???

The porch could be something cool, or it could be a separate component, one thing for sure is that I will want a big outdoor living area, be it my garden or my patio, I like to spend a lot of time outside!  To get an idea of what this porch may look like here is a picture that is ‘similar’.


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