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I know I posted this over on the Facebook page already but I thought I would post it here too!  I did my first detailed indoor tour of my house… much more in depth than any of the walkthroughs I quickly did for the news stations…  It’s my first video edit so forgive the fact it isn’t very good… Hazel needed some attention so I had to cut it a couple times 🙂 babies!! Amiright?! 😉

Anyway, here is the tour!



  1. Thanks for the tour Macy. I am still in love with your house. Hazel is adorable and Denver appears to be quite the babysitter, watching over her:)

  2. Loved the tour, have been watching you from almost the beginning and I think you have it all down pat. Even with a large dog it all seems to go well for you. Baby Hazel is getting sooo big and adorable.
    I am 64 and want a tiny house, so I look at everyone I can. My kids think I am crazy, but I say crazy as a fox. Maybe someday it will happen.
    All the best to you and your little family!

  3. You stated in your video tour that you do watch TV via online…how do you access your ISP? Do you have WIFI in your house? Are you tapping into the internet from the house you’re parked behind via WIFI?

    1. Hi Dennis, One of the benefits of being in a downtown is that there is open wifi everywhere, mostly I use that but I also bought a Karma Hotspot since I nixed the cellphone and just use voice over IP (internet based) free phone alternatives.

      1. Can you share more about the phone alternative? And I knew someone else who tried Karma and found that she blew through the allowed usage very quickly. I am considering going off of the grid and at the same time want to have both a good internet connection for a LOT of usage, plus a “landline” phone, even if it goes through the internet that is fine it just has to be compatible with a regular phone handset and be reliable. I spend a ton of time on the phone and internet. Thanks!!

        1. Sure! I’ll do a post about it soon, I definitely wouldn’t rely on it if I were running a business or something but it works for my texting and family phone calls. It wouldn’t work so well for streaming movies or anything either, that’s a lot of data.

  4. Great job with your video 🙂 It was very down to earth and presented a very real picture of living in a tiny home. We live in our home not in model house where everything is perfect. Glad you included Hazel and Denver too.

  5. Love the tour, love your house! I remember a while back you mentioned that is possible to fit a tub into your plan. Really, really want a tub in my tiny house. Is this something you might be able to offer in another plan? Hoping to start building next summer. Thanks!

    1. Youve just inspired my next video! I’m going to post about how to change any given set of plans, I will show it by changing mine to include the bathtub! Ill try to get it up within a week!

  6. Is the small wastebasket in the bathroom your only garbage? Impressive!

    I don’t think I could do what you have (simplify, scale down), and admire your ability to prioritize. Those tables look rather tiny for eating, though.

    1. I actually usually have one under the kitchen sink as well but I try to divert what I can to a compost bin outside. Thanks for your kind words… the tables work 😉

  7. I love your house! And I love the new wall modification, I didn’t think your design could get any better but the sliding wall is very cool. Just curious, where do you put your kitchen trash? Like any scraps or that type of thing?

    1. I have a separate compost bin for all the veggies outside, there is generally a trash can under the sink for the other stuff, it is out on the patio until I get the water heater fixed, which is now up and running again!

  8. Thanks so much for shooting this, Macy! The video made it all make more sense than the individual photos! I am really curious as to how the bookshelf slides out to access that storage, as that’s something I am considering for a larger storage area. Thanks!

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