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Hazel Meets Obama… Almost!

So James got to go to a special meet and greet with the president, since he is such a bad-ass, and Hazel and I were his +1(.5).  What a cool opportunity…

We had to get there a little over three hours early and since we were behind the scenes we had to go through some pretty hard core security.  We were informed that we couldn’t bring anything in, no snacks, no water, diapers etc.  I knew it would be a challenge but I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity.  I’ve gotten pretty lucky after all at the baby lottery.  My luck stopped. It went down exactly like my ‘worst case scenario’…

Hazel did SO good for the first 3 hours.  Then Obama walked out on stage, audience went crazy and all hell broke loose.  Hazel was crying like crazy during presidential speech, 25 feet from the president himself.  Everyone was looking back at me to shut her up… nothing would help…  We weren’t allowed out of our seats, can’t even go to the bathroom.

I learned two things from the event:

  • It turns out IF the moment calls, I will in fact whip my boob out in front of anyone… including the president… and all the cameras that go along with him! (first time I have ever nursed in public mind you, go big or go home!)
  • When it comes down to it, no one, not even the president of the United States is as important as a nap… we didn’t actually get to shake his hand but Hazel did nap 6 feet from him… :)

I was able to laugh at the situation even in the midst of it, I did get up for a while eventually and risk being ejected by secret service.  I wouldn’t change the memory for anything… and… I think I may be raising a republican… :)

In the midst of things I was reminded of THIS article.  I felt so terrible for those around me who were obviously irritated by the situation and to an extent they are allowed to be annoyed by the idiot who brought a baby to a presidential speech… BUT it’s not like there was time to find a sitter, or that I am obligated to, we got confirmation literally less than an hour before we had to be there.  I don’t think being a parent is a limiting factor, nor is being a kid, that prevents us from taking part in our world.  This is real life, kids are real things, sometimes they get scared.  I am exposing my kid to things that are memories, they are valuable, because she is scared of 6,000 people clapping in unison is understandable.  I was able to reassure her that it was indeed normal (or is it) and I bet next time she won’t be so startled.  And wow, if she goes into politics these photos are going to be funny!

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This year I resolve to be bold, brave and kind above all else!  I’ve kicked it off with a new ‘do!

New Look
Old Look

And just in case you’re worried for me… My hair grows really fast, three years ago today I had platinum blonde hair ;-)

Super Old Look (2012)
Super Old Look (2012)