Sissy Goes Tiny

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“More [possessions] are not better… living better is better”

There are a few people in my life who I just love. People who fascinate me and drive me to be a better version of yourself. BA Norrgard is one of those people. I am lucky to call her a friend. And along with Rebecca Flansburg, she’s now a published author!

About the book

In Sissy Goes Tiny, eight-year-old Sissy’s parents make the unconventional choice to downsize their lifestyle and try living tiny. Their mission is to do more with less. Initially, Sissy doesn’t love this idea. She likes her big house, and her backyard. Just like real life, the idea of change is scary. She learns, alongside her mom and dad, that things are just things and having less may very well open up big possibilities for her and her family!

Along with great lessons and tips for downsizing for anyone, the book is packed full of beautiful pictures that any child is sure to love. This book is available now and perfect for any kiddos you know. You can find it here, Sissy Goes Tiny

“I believe that Sissy Goes Tiny is going to open so many minds for people! A tiny house is absolutely not for everyone, but we all like to dream and step into the shoes of another lifestyle in our minds. Learning about this lifestyle I think will help people be more supportive of people who do choose to live unconventionally. Sissy and her family are a great example of that.” Co-author, B.A. Norrgard


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