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If you’re new to this blog, welcome!   My name is Macy and I am delighted to know others are interested in smaller living.   If you’d like to learn more about me or see the bucket list that started this all feel free to click those links, otherwise feel free to say hi, I would love to know who you are and where you’re from!

I had the idea to ‘go tiny’ in November of 2011, by December I was working on getting my trailer ready.  I moved fast, unfortunately construction moved slow :).  18 months after starting my build I moved in, 2 years after starting I officially called my house ‘finished’.   I currently live here full time with my daughter (Hazel), my partner (James) and our Great Dane (Denver).

Because of how blogs work you sort of have to go through it backwards in order to follow the build from the beginning.  You can find my very first post HERE, from there you can navigate to the next.  There are also search bars on the bottom for searching by date or by topic and a general search bar at the top, if those don’t get you what you want to know I am more than happy to help get you answers!  You can email me at anytime.

If you don’t want to go through 300+ posts you can learn about my ebook or purchase it HERE. It summarizes everything you would want to know about my house build with pictures and explanations (plus some extras), it’s also a great place to start to see all of the choices that go into building your own tiny house.

You can see pictures of the entire construction process from flatbed to finished house HERE.  More on my design HERE, and purchase the plans HERE.

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20 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Hey Macy, I love your design and that it’s built on a fifth wheel trailer which makes a lot more sense than a bumper pull when you look at the weight of the finished home.
    I’ve designed and built four custom live in trailers and two tiny cabins and I think this concept is going to eventually become more appealing as less and less people are thrilled about taking on a 25 year half million dollar mortgage.
    Kudos for your design concept and the obvious talent you have for decorating. Your home is not only efficient but it looks like thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable space. My only question is where does the Great Dane sleep? :)

    1. Thanks Doug for the very kind words! He used to hog my whole damn bed it seemed but he recently get evicted and has found his new bed in the couch :) Occasionally on the floor (where he’s SUPPOSED to go) but mostly the couch :)

  2. Hi Macy,
    love the tiny house idea, am looking into trying something like that for my own family (which includes besides 2 grown ups also a little one, another little in the works and 2 dogs), since land is so expensive here and building even more so … that in the end we can afford only one or the other ;-p

    Since boise is really cold in winter, or so i heard, how do you keep your pipes from freezing?

    lots of love from Vienna, Austria

    1. Hi Cate!
      I skirted around where the water goes into my house, then I wrapped the pipe with heat tape and insulated it. it got me through a winter with temps down to -12 degrees! Glad youre interested!

  3. Aloha Macy and greetings from Kona Hawaii. I have been pretty obsessed with tiny houses for a while and save all the photos of ones that I like. Yours is one of my all time favorites. Love that you only have kind of a mini loft where the bed is instead of a steep ladder, and I love the lay out of your REAL kitchen with a full size refrigerator. Looks like you may have a washer dryer combo in the kitchen too. I really appreciated your in depth review on the sun mar composting toilet as well. Wonderful and inspirational work. Hope to have my own tiny house for retirement soon.

      1. Hi Macy,
        I feel like I know you a little through your work on this blog. I am very interested in your story, and I can see why you have received so much press. I have begun a blog and I now follow you. My blog isn’t much, yet.

        With your book download, is it something I can download on my computer and my iphone? I recently learned my iphone will read selected text to me, which I find very useful. But I also like to see things on my laptop.

        A little about me. My name is Tami and I am by choice a daycare mom. My children are 24, 18 & almost 3. I would love to free up my time and money so that I can travel to see my oldest son, and be there for my all my children. My partner may be renting, or following me, whatever he decides. I have lots of ideas about little ones if you have any questions. I would love to see your co-sleeper installed. Currently I spend my days with children between the ages of 6mo and 3 years old and I really love it and all my parents are great. When all is said and done I’m lucky if I make $6 an hour to watch 4-6 children (counting my own), so I can see myself living in a tiny home and working as a substitute teacher or a temporary nanny.

        1. Hi Tami! Thank you also for your kind words! Thank you also for the link to your blog, I cant wait to check it out!
          My book download is a pdf, you should be able to open it on either device, not positive about the reading though, if it’s like my ap that is always hit and miss! Can’t wait to follow along with you!

  4. Hi Macy! I love your design and philosophy! My husband and I have been seriously thinking about selling our suburban “dream home” because all we seem to do is work to pay for our mortgage and daycare and we are just exhausted. We are a family of 3 and hope to become a family of 4 in the near future. Reading about how you live in your tiny home with an infant has given us hope that this could truly be a possibility for us. Your design is beautiful and pretty much everything I would want for our tiny home. Thank you!

    1. Thank you SO much Jean for your kind words!! Just so you know I think its pretty possible, and even feasible that this will be the home of a family of four in the near future. there are LOTS of ways you could incorporate more space, I may be enclosing the patio and putting bunk beds in there so the kids can have their own room, who knows, we will see what the future brings! Thanks again!

  5. Hi, Macy.
    I just discovered your blog and i need to go through to find out more about this awesome home you’ve built, such as how much it cost, why people thought you were either ripped off or couldn’t be serious that it cost so little.

    Your journey has me so excited it’s hard to focus!
    I SO want to live the Tiny(or small)house dream. I even have money stashed away from the sale of my huge house when i got divorced. I’m now in a nice, tiny, but ridiculously expensive apartment weighing my options.
    I’ve looked at so many ideas and designs my head starts spinning. But i think i’ve found my focus with you.
    I love the idea of building on a trailer so i can move, but i’d like to have a home base at or near where i live now, which is in Central New Jersey.
    Would you have any advice on how or where i can look to find the land to build and base my tiny home and if they’re allowed?
    I will be getting your plans and, unlike you, i will be working CLOSELY with a friend of mine who is a contractor. I hope we can do half the job you did. It’s inspirational!

  6. So glad to have found your blog! I have a 5 month old son and am in the planning stages of going tiny. Hope to start building next year. Finding an organized blog with details is awesome. I can’t wait to sit down and read through everything.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help you navigate the path!

  7. Beautiful house! I see that your bed is located on the top of the gooseneck portion of the trailer. What size mattress were you able to fit there. I cannot tell if it’s a queen or a king size. Thanks, in advance, for your response. –Samantha

    1. Thanks Samantha! Initially I had a king-sized bed, I have resized to a queen since my daughter was born so her co-sleeper can fit beside my bed.

  8. Hi Macy, I’m starting to read through the comments and your replies and learning a lot. One question, what about radiant heating in a home like yours ? Wonder if it would be possible ? Do you have wood floors or tile or… what ? I have read enough to know that radiant heating works better with tile as wood shrinks and warps with heat over time….

    1. Is it possible?? I have radiant floor heat :), I use tile. It adds a lot of weight (its why I added the third axle), all in all I don’t think its ‘worth’ the cost unless you REALLY like radiant floor heat. I will have to write up a review here shortly about the reasoning behind it but there are less expensive equally efficient systems in small spaces.

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