1. Hi Macy and James,
    Brilliant! Just brilliant. I’m an RMIT interior designer graduate with current client projects currently underway. I became aware of the tiny house movement during my time as a student at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia). Although I myself don’t live in a tiny house, I became very excited, finding the whole concept very inspirational. A design I’m currently working on is an extension to an existing “average” sized residence, but with tight boundary offset regulations. Their client brief is a multi function parents retreat with bathroom, reading nook, storage and sleeping zone. The tiny house principles have inspired me to work within those parameters to deliver my client a smart, ergonomically superior extension, all while remaining within the tight footprint allowed by council regulations. More bang for your buck, or making the space really work for its keep is very satisfying on so many levels, as I am sure, from what I’ve seen already, you’re already living it.
    I’m a great advocate for SketchUp also and although learnt Autocad at RMIT, technical difficulties between the home/uni platform necessitated I taught myself a technically comparable package to complete my assignments. Thus I discovered SketchUp! I continue to be impressed with the design and imaging capabilities of SketchUp, using it right now for my current projects.
    Thank you for your inspiration and best wishes for your beautiful family!
    Heather Schwarz
    Instinct Interiors
    Melbourne, Australia 🙂

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