Miles Turned ONE! Already!

My littlest babe just turned one.  That means we officially have two toddlers, no more babies!  Sad but RAD!  I LOVE my babies but I have never fancied myself a ‘baby person’.  I am meant for this kid stuff though!  We’re mostly past the delicate, breakable, person stuff!  On to the curious, learning, questioning rebel stuff!



party time
party time

We are unbelievably grateful for Mr. Miles.  It’s amazing just how different two babies can be and still be the similar.  He is our wild spirited, quietly curious little trouble maker.  His favorite things include teasing his sister (he really get’s her going… kinda hilarious!).  He likes mornings best and when his eyes open he is ready to play, no wake up time needed.  He’s got 232 free passes when it comes to smacking his sister around (we’ve been keeping tabs since he was born… he’s starting to sue them!).

Technically he is in the 55% on height, 45% on weight.  He’s been walking for months and is getting pretty tricking at climbing.  He’s mastered the dismount off the couch and is working on the stairs.   Denver and him have been fast friends, they seem to get along better together than Hazel and D ever have.  He can say, ‘dada’, ‘mama’, ‘hot’, ‘I did it!’ and listens fairly well to ‘no’ and ‘be careful’.  He will mimic just about anything we throw at him.  his first animal sound is also that of a monkey (oh oh oh!) We aren’t sure what he will be for Halloween but after feeding him some raspberries (and them getting all over his face looking like blood) we told him to say ‘Brains?’ and he did… so we are thinking a zombie may be fitting… (His sister currently wants to be a ghost princess…)

We’re grateful for this little dude and excited for the next years!

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Forward Motion – Travel Trailer Update

We’re making progress!  We have walls!  We were able to glue and screw the interior sheathing to the walls and get them mounted to the trailer this weekend, yeah!  I really like how the space is coming together.  Like any space, it will go through phases of feeling ‘bigger than you expect’ and ‘smaller…’  Right now we are at a bigger than expected phase.  It IS very cool to start to see it coming together.

We have pre-drilled and screwed and the framing together so far (this is one of my battles picked…).  We are leaving the outside uncovered until we get the inside fairly built out, this will allow us to add blocking wherever we need it as we go forward.  To do this we use this super awesome tool that I recommend as a gift to a tiny houser you know, the Kreg Jig.  This allows you to get a strong connection when face nailing, kind of like toe nailing but precise and recessed so that you have clean surfaces.


I’ll admit this has been challenging, James and I both have strong, and often counter, opinions of how things should go.  We’ve been working out a pecking order to make sure we both get what is important to us.  Right now we are both thrilled with how it is coming together so no matter how epic the debates have gotten we got to a happy spot! ha!  It seems like the less ‘blank’ the slate is the easier it is to go forward, it’s hard when anything is possible, it’s easier when you’ve got some parameters to work within!

The family stuff!

I’ve been working on Hazels mural more.  I got the farm a little ways and she found me.  Her only comment was ‘I wanted 5 horses’… I had only drawn three… so I drew two more, and hid some cats and ducks around.  I also started on the waterfall and nemo portion, it is harder to draw likenesses than crap out of your own head so it took a bit longer… It’s not there just yet but close.  All we have left is the fairy tree village and a big dino which she says she doesn’t want because its scary… so that might not get done….

Now I have ideas flowing for what to paint in Miles’s bed, I think his personality needs to bloom a little more before I have a clear direction but I am having visions of a tree house, pirate ships, a dessert, a campfire in the mountains… What are other good ideas for a mural in his?

We also had a birthday party to go to, Miles and Hazel’s cousin Timmy turned ONE!  Miles turns one on Saturday (already!?).  This week we will be planning his party at the park!

ALSO, and I write this to hold myself accountable a little… I have decided that I need to get better at using my camera.  I am going to try my hand at a project 52, THIS project 52 actually.  I will have to shoot one image a week for a year, starting on Miles’s birthday so that I can have an easy start date!  Wish me luck!

Happy Fall All!

Travel Trailer – The First Forward Progress!

So, it’s kinda a little thing but kinda HUGE too…  We have our first bit of ‘finished work done on the camper!  Before we rebuilt out we have dismantled, cleaned and sanded the trailer.  It has been painted with what will be the finished surface!

It also marks the very last of the demo work to be done, it’s all forward progress from here!  We glued the curves, the two bearing walls are officially framed!

This weekend we are going to try to sheath them and fasten them to the trailer.  We’ll see if/how far we can get putting on the roof too!  Exciting times, here are some pictures followed by family stuff:

In family times we have been playing.  Hazel is mastering ‘hide and seek’.

We’ve Got Curves! Travel Trailer Update

Just a quick camper update.  The walls are framed, the big project was getting the curves bent.  We soaked the wood for a couple hours because we didn’t have access to a steamer and didn’t want to build one so we tried this.  It worked pretty well, we bent and clamped all the pieces.  They got bent, dried and they keep their shape so I call it a success.  We still have to fasten them into place, we’re going to glue and staple them together.

We also got the two kids’ bubble windows (PetPeeks) ordered.  I looked at getting some other acrylic bubble window sort of things but they all were so much thinner and a lot of comments said they cracked on install and I don’t want to have that issue if I can avoid it.  The PetPeek window is something like 5 times the thickness.  I feel pretty comfy with how they look now that I can hold them in my hand.  Hazel and Miles like them too!

That’s all I have for now!  Here are some pictures:

What’s So Hard About Living Tiny? Why’d They Move On?


I have been hearing lots of guesses as to “why people move ‘so soon’ out of their tiny house”.  I cringe anytime a thread pops up in Tiny House People making guesses as to why ‘so and so’ people moved out of the house that was built on ‘x’ tiny house show.  The comments range anywhere from curious to full on critical judgments claiming that ‘they missed the whole point of the tiny house movement!’

The latest one I read specifically called me out “Macy Miller still lives in her home with two kids, but I think she is the rarity.”  Now, I was a bit proud to be a standard to show that it IS possible to live tiny BUT the only difference between me and all the others criticized in there is that I am still in my tiny house…

Before you laugh and say ‘well, ya, duh!’ understand that the reason I say that is because I am NOT different from those others.  I am not opposed to moving on with life if that is what makes sense for us.  My tiny house is a tool that enables my lifestyle, not something that I dictate my lifestyle around.  I strongly feel that that is the exact way it should be!  Even though I am constantly introduced as ‘that tiny house girl’ to others I refuse to let myself be defined by something as insignificant as my house!  

For now the house is still working for us but no, this house is not the only place we will ever live.  I don’t yet know when we will be moving out, I don’t yet know why but I don’t see us having grand kids here either.  Not because it’s impossible or because it would even be hard but because I am Macy, life never stays that consistent for me, nor do I want it too!  We change, we adapt and we grow.  Everyone does!

I think tiny houses impact anyone who cares to think even a little deeper about the subject.  You may never ‘live tiny’ but I am guessing you will take a piece of the idea with you and find ways to apply that in your own life.  That means something!   For some people that is enough!  That is ok!

Why does it matter that anyone moves out of their tiny house?  Does it matter to you when someone moves out of their regular house?  Unless you are that specific person it is impossible to understand all the intricacies of the choice anyway.  Frankly, people deserve more privacy than they are often given when they make one of those choices!  If they don’t want to be forthcoming then just feel free to assume ‘life happened and it no longer made sense for them to continue living tiny’.  That is enough of an answer.

There is absolutely no shame in tiny houses being a step in life rather than a destination.  Or a part of an equation rather than the whole answer.  I may even move out some day and then move back in later, who knows!  Life is weird like that, we all make the best choices we can make given our specific set of circumstances.  I can tell you one thing for sure, I will never be happy in standard housing again.

Here are the details as I see them:

  • Tiny houses ARE a valid choice.
  • It’s not hard to live tiny.
  • It’s not for everyone.
  • Life changes over time.  That’s ok.
  • Time is relative, what is fast for you might be slow for someone else and visa versa!
  • Your reasons for going tiny are probably not the same as the next guy over, don’t expect the results to be either.
  • Sometimes people just want the experience.  That’s ok.
  • Zoning is tricky still, we’re working on that as a whole.
  • Reality TV isn’t usually ‘real’.

It took me 8 months of living tiny to be out of debt.  We have since had years to save enough money for our next project.  We aren’t quite sure what that will be so we will just keep saving and exploring until something makes sense.  It took 8 months for me to live life on my terms, rather than living to pay some random set of bills.  One day ‘my terms’ will dictate I move out of the tiny house that certainly won’t be a failure.  It will just be us being ready to move on to our next success story!   I could have been very happy moving out of my tiny house 8 months after moving in, my goals were accomplished faster than expected.  We’re still happy here though, so we stay.

I will urge those getting wrapped up in ‘why other people do some things, instead of other things’ to focus instead on their own journey.  Figure out what makes sense for you.  Then do it!

That’s the key, make a plan and then act!

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