The 2017 Jamboree and More!

I have nothing profound to say about the Jamboree, it was an absolute blast of passionate people being engaged in their own lives, I was treated like a rock star, I talked in front of people-not well, but I didn’t fall on my face either, so that’s a win! It was a truly exceptional experience!

If you want a feel for what it was like, my friend Thea said it better HERE than I ever could!  Read that, follow her Airstream rebuild and come to the next Jamboree!!

I did take a few pictures of what I thought was a great resource to see the pieces parts of how a house can go together, this is from a display trailer Tumbleweed had at the event, I found it super helpful, maybe you will too! (the pictures below are of our trip, which spawned a whole other post(s) coming soon I’m sure!)

And these are the family pictures and misc of our adventures!


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eCourse Sale

I meant to do this BEFORE I took off for the Jamboree but alas, it’s late… I have a half off sale going through this weekend on my tiny house eCourses.  Use the code ‘THJAM16’ to get half off.


Codes and Foundations


Utilities & Systems

Custom Design

We had a great trip to the Jamboree, it was an amazing experience, the travel was a good scouting mission for our mega road trip once the camper is redone.  I have a post forming soon in my head!

Hope you are all well!


Our Tiny House Story

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