A New Leaf – Tiny Housing Phase II, It Begins!

We’ve been feeling the pressure lately to get going with our next house.  Since we are ‘those tiny house people’ it gets brought up a fair amount, a main question anymore is when we are up sizing our living quarters.  This combined with my anxiousness to have another project has been driving us to look deeper at starting our next house/project, the shipping container home.  James and I both enjoy projects, our plan has been to design this year and break ground next summer.  We recently reassessed though, fortunately!

It seems silly to move on that fast because of some make believe pressure and an unhealthy desire to keep ourselves too busy with various projects.  We have a family now, it can’t be all projects, these kiddos are our best project and James and I figured we had better enjoy them while they still like us!  The fact is our tiny house still works great for us, there are absolutely zero growing pains that are starting to make us feel like we need to go bigger.  Hazel is 25 months old, Miles is 7 months.  They both still only want to use us as a jungle gym.  Even though our house is 232 s.f. we seem to constantly only occupy the same five square feet.  They are closer than our own shadow, constantly.  We’re good, they are good, Denver is good.  Why mess with that?  We think our time would be better spent enjoying it!

The both of us have always longed to be location independent, to travel the country and be our own boss.  I didn’t really think it would happen but I’m lucky to meet a guy who believes in what often seems impossible.  So, we’ve officially embarked on our next adventure, we’re renovating and restoring this vintage travel trailer to take a few spins around the country!

We’re very excited to purty up our home away from home!  We had a couple options but settled on a 1966 Aloha travel trailer that we found for $500 (well $600 but you’re expected to haggle on Craigslist, right?).  It’s been used as a hunting bunk for a bit.  It has much of the original parts but is missing a single glass slat on the door.  The interior and exterior have been painted with what looks like interior grade paint (that is flaking off on the outside).  Inside is a working three burner stove, a propane fridge, a furnace and a little cast iron (?) sink.  We’re going to use all of that but basically rip everything else out and redesign it to fit the family.

It is 7′ wide, 15′-6″ long.  Inside we will retrofit it to (hopefully) include:

  • One (hopefully queen sized, but maybe full) bed that will convert to a couch and possibly a table.
  • A functional kitchenette (with a stove/oven, sink, fridge and storage
  • Bunk beds for the kids with their own storage
  • A heater and possibly an A/C unit (like this)
  • A bathroom with a potty and a shower (the sink will be shared with the kitchenette)
  • Solar for power when not able to plug in (for charging a couple laptops, tablets, a tv and some phones)
  • Storage for bikes to explore (somehow)
  • And some storage for living things like dishes and linens

I feel like it’s asking a lot for such a little guy but so far, in my head, it works!  Here’s hoping it translates 😉

For the outside we want to strip off all the crumbly grey paint (which I think may come off easily with a scrubby pad for the most part…).  We’ll make sure its sealed up nice and tight, add some 1″ insulation with a radiant barrier (most likely), re-panel the inside, add our customization and pick a funky color to paint the outside all cutesy-like (hopefully the same color as a new to us pull vehicle)!  I’m thinking lime green, maybe teal… I suppose I have to let James in on all these plans too and see ;-).

Fun stuff!  And just because, these are my cute kids.  I had a fantastic moms day, the best one yet!  Hazel and Miles made me a bird house for our new deck!

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Family Update April 2016

Just a quick mostly photo update!

Miles is doing great, Hazel is doing great.  They play together, Hazel loves making Miles laugh, which he does, a lot!  They both love going to ‘uncles’, Miles to play with the beard, Hazel to watch cartoons and drink root beer floats.

James and I are building a deck, more on that soon.

Our Tiny House Story

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