1. i can help you get better. it’s what i do. found your blog through tinyhouseblog. write me back if you want my help. no supplements, no meds. just food, water, sleep and light exercise.

    1. I would love to hear from you Carroll, sleep seems to be that tricky part. Two jobs and several side projects don’t leave me tons of time for that :). At some point I just need to change my priorities to fit that in better. Working on that! πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Rana,
        My house is in Idaho, there is just one of them, I sell plans for others that want to build their own at whatever location.

  2. I would like to say that I am impressed with your idea, and motivation. Congratulations and I hope that you consider enlarging this into a business!

    1. Thanks Walt! I appreciate your comments! There are a couple of my friends out there who are making a business of it, you can definitely find out more about others here, For me, this project has been an absolute blast but I have other things to move onto as soon as I wrap up! I will be documenting my life over time right here though too, I am just more interested in the quiet, off-grid sort of thing more than continuing to build. As it turns out, it’s really hard work and hard on your body! πŸ˜‰ My background is in design though so I hope to always be connected to tiny houses in that way, I LOVE reading about new tiny projects. Thank you so much for the kind words, all the best!

  3. You are going to love the in-floor heating! have you tested it yet? Hope you have before tiling. There is a special way to test any electrican should know how. Enjoy Life Daily~

  4. I`ve been following your progress for a while and I just love it!! Your elevated bed is something I want to do in our own future tiny house.Thank you so much for posting so much and keeping us all inspired.Because of you and tinyhousers like you we really think this is something we can do in the future! Thanks,Bobbi K.

  5. hi, just found your blog. I love your design. So refreshingly contemporary! I’ve got a mono pitch roof too! cheers and and thank you for posting so many pics. Very inspiring. Stephen

    1. Thanks for finding me Stephen and thanks for commenting! I checked out your build, it may be my next favorite! Possibly because it’s sorta familiar πŸ™‚ I went ahead and added you to my tinyhouser list, I hope that’s ok!

        1. Oh gosh, that is such a broad question, research research research! Do you want to DIY or hire it done, educate yourself on the options that go into every step either way and make it fit your needs! I have some courses that go through all the decisions that you can find here,

    1. I haven’t got there yet, I actually JUST put those up, I plan on reviewing my particular items first and then potentially adding other people’s set-ups for them to review. I think you are the first person to notice them :). I just haven’t had time to really start digging into that just yet (perhaps I should take it down for the time being). It will be populated soon though!

  6. the caption color for your pictures is too light of a grey. I have to strain my eyes to try to read the captions (mostly I just give up and don’t strain myself) If you could darken that it would be great!!

    1. Thanks Teresa, I can’t changing it without paying a whole bunch or switching my whole website over to a different theme (which will happen in the near future, just too much going on right now to tackle that one), in the mean time, if you click on the picture it will blow it up and the text is shown white on a black background at the bottom, it makes it a lot easier. Sorry it’s a pain for now, changes will come soon, just working with the free stuff a bit longer. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Macy–
    Do you know if any of the names on your TinyHousers list are in Virginia? I’m looking to connect with others!

    1. Hi Julie!
      I don’t think any of the houses listed are in Virginia, I am having a hard time remembering now, there is a website at where you can see other interested people in your region though, that has been an awesome resource! Hope that helps and thanks for reaching out!

  8. Hi Macy. Your place is looking great. And congrats on the little one coming! How exciting! That’s awesome news. Hopefully you’ll find your new location soon so you’ll be able to get in some mommy enjoyment time that you need to be able to enjoy. Changing gears, I wanted to drop you a note to share that, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m busy getting things in order with my project, and will be calling on you when things are a little more advanced. So I wanted to let you know, I’ll be in touch. Best of luck and will be looking forward to talking with you soon. Best, Marty. Columbia, SC.

  9. Aloha Macy,
    Thoroughly enjoyed your project. It is a wonderful layout with lots of thought behind everything. I am wondering what you used for the interior walls? I too build these tiny houses… they are the highlight of my 35 year career as a builder.. try look up..
    Thanks for your courage to stretch yourself and learn about building. My favorite architects were the ones that actually had hands on experience
    A hui hou,

    1. Hi Johanna! Thank you so much for your kindness! I used 3/8″ drywall for the interior finish of my walls, is that what you mean or the rest of the construction too? Your site is great! Looks like you’ve had some great projects! I hope it’s ok I went ahead and added you as a resource on my ‘TinyHousers’ page! I hope you’re having a great holiday season!

  10. I love the idea of a tiny house. My house is small but huge compared to your tiny house. We are mortgage free, too. I have seen a couple of films on tiny houses on youtube. I keep trying to convince my husband when we retire, we should downsize even further. And please ignore all those mean people. And congrats on your pregnancy!

    1. Thank you SO much Lauren! It is pretty nice to be mortgage free! Good on you, it’s pretty rare! Thank you for your kind words! Have a happy new year!!

  11. Hi Macy,

    At the outset, I must confess that I do not know you at all. In fact, I saw about your house in that most unreliable of places, Yahoo. As an exiled expat, I have little choice for information in English. This should not be taken to mean that we can’t be friends–in spirit if nothing else.

    I feel obligated to tell you that I read your comments about public reaction to you and your project, and I must say that I am not at all surprised. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that humans are creatures of fear. We fear virtually everything–even ourselves, more often than not. These people who express negativity have much invested in the status-quo. It is a status-quo which they feel favors them more than it disfavors, and the most logical thing (in a most illogical way–the human mind, you know) is to attack anything which may appear to threaten the security of which they have convinced themselves to be possessed. Think of the middle-class as the gazelle out on the African plain, the hungry lion in hot pursuit and the gazelle slightly out in front and scattering pell-mell in front of imminent demise while thinking, “Oh! I hope it isn’t going to be me; Oh! I hope it isn’t going to be me.” Unfortunately, this is precisely the process which allows us to be picked off one by one while the future victims become the staunchest enforcers of their own doom. Not all of us not already included in your circle of friends are your enemies, and not all of us assail anything outside of our comfort zone. Fear, I think, makes people act worse than they really are.

    Also, consider that very often we plant seeds through our actions without necessarily realizing that we have done so and often without ever knowing that we did someone, somewhere a good deed or set them down the path, so never you mind those naysayers and just keep your chin up and your step light.

    I’ve always dreamed of doing what you’ve done, but being thousands of miles away from home has put a damper on it. And now I find myself thinking….

    1. Don! Thank you so much for your comment, I so appreciate your words, unfortunately I now see that that is exactly how things are, it is really too bad… for them. The world is a great place full of a lot of great people. A new goal of mine is to be a source of encouragement for others (or to keep my mouth shut! πŸ™‚ ). I am glad that you find yourself thinking about possibilities! πŸ™‚ Please let me know if I can ever help you! Have a great 2014 and thank you again!

    2. hello! before an apology, I do not speak good English and use a translator. thank you!

      an apology for responding here, all over the world, people behave well, some others simply congratulate you criticize you.

      I neither to know nor to macy or don!, and if there are things that connect us, despite the great distance.

      I am also divorced, with 2 children living with me, and as people criticize, in a country where, if it is already common, is not well seen by many people.

      Β  Don, ignore people, you will never please everyone, it’s your life and only you should be happy with what you do or not, never look in the other’s consent, or rating.

      remain authentic, and so are the envy of authenticity that hurts you, it’s what others do not dare.


  12. Yours is the best tiny house design I’ve seen yet–esp. for someone w/ a service dog, like me…so thanks so much for sharing. Just one question: why not make each of your steps up to the bedroom area into a drawer?

    1. Hi Deb!
      Thank you! You could easily do that, I figured I would get some baskets (or make some) that fit and just slip them in there for some simple storage, purely for the look of it. It’s always been in my head that I could make them into drawers at some point down the line but I find I stash my blankets and things in there and I like the look of it being open so far with the extra wood accents.

  13. Hi Macy!
    I absolutely love your tiny house. I’m very envious. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t see this covered elsewhere on your site. How is the combo washer-dryer working out for you? I had looked into these when I was in a super-tiny duplex a few years ago but reviews on almost all of the available models at that time were consistently bad. I am wondering if they have improved in the years since and are a now a viable option for tiny space dwellers. Best of luck in the new year with all of your endeavors.

    1. Hi Debbie! I really should do an update on how that is working out, I love it. I really don’t use it as much as I should (I will when the baby diapers come!). It has worked very well. It was a mid line model, it had good reviews but came in around 900 bucks. A bit more than some you can get but not as much as others. I haven’t had any issues with it though, if it’s jammed full it doesn’t get totally dry, only about 90% which is good, if it’s kept a little light I don’t have any issues getting things dry though. I’m not sure it’s TOTALLY worth getting if I had to again because I have still never really gotten used to doing a load a day and find I save up for a laundry day still… but I am glad I have it for the baby diapers πŸ™‚

  14. I just spent way toooo much time reading your story. lol. I am fascinated by all things “tiny house” and can’t get enough! I am so proud of you for your strength and perseverance. Your home is one of the nicest designs I’ve seen, and trust me I’ve looked at a lot of them. My husband and I live in a 900 sq.. ft. home (for 34 yrs.), but I would love to downsize to a tiny home. Maybe some day.
    Look forward to following along as you follow your dream❀️.
    Much love,

    1. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to stick around! Tiny houses are sort of rabbit holes to wind down in! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  15. Dear Macy,

    We found photos of your tiny but clever “Less is more” house in It is awesome. We would like to share these photos with our readers of internet portal here in Lithuania. So we kindly ask for permission. Thank you

      1. Hi Macy! I absolutely love your tiny home! It’s my dream home! πŸ™‚ You’re such an inspiration for the tiny home community! Thanks!! I too would like to use some of your photos on my Facebook page (creating stages now) also. Keep up the good work!

    1. These guys have done a lovely job in adapting the tiny house to heir family of four, pretty soon I will have my baby girl, my fur-baby boy, boyfriend and I in here which is pretty close but not quite the same :). I have not seen the baby hammock before but that is AWESOME, I am going to have to make one, thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh – also these amazing alternatives to baby wipes. I used cloth nappies for my children and found it was much easier when you could bundle the wipe up inside the nappy and throw the whole lot in the wash (rather than trying to separate out a disposable wipe from a cloth nappy). They are made here in the UK and use only water and essential oil to clean baby’s bum….

    1. I think I just decided to go this way as well! Well cloth wipes, not EXACTLY those ones, it’s along trip from the UK to here just to wipe a butt πŸ™‚ again, thank you!

  17. what kind of steel frame trailer is the house built on looks unique or is it a 5th wheel rig? I want to start building one! Thanks Philip

    1. It is a home-made trailer that I got off of Craigslist, you don’t HAVE to use a home-made one, in fact I would recommend going with something else, there was A LOT of work I had to put into bringing the trailer up to speed so I could build on it (the entire first two months of the 18 month build were prepping the trailer…)

    1. Thank you JL for your kind words, there are oodles of people turning this into a business, for me one is enough! πŸ™‚ I will be making my plans available shortly for those interested in building my version of a tiny house though!

      1. Oh I am SO EXCITED to hear that! Absolutely LOVE what you have done! So many similarities between us as far as living simple, art, design, doing it your way, etc… I am going to do this! I am going to build my own tiny home and will definitely model it after yours. Beyond EXCITED and INSPIRED by what you have done and your whole site. THANK YOU for sharing and documenting it so thoroughly!!! Such an inspiration!!!

        1. Thats so awesome Antoinette! I am here if you ever have any questions along the way, SUPER stoked to be a source of inspiration, you can do it!! πŸ™‚

  18. Marcy, I spotted a comment that you won a case against your bank for the forclosure. Can you enlighten me on this??? I was forclosed on and was not behind in payments just could not make the balloon payment or refinance and the forclosed on me. Thanks

    1. It sounds like our situations are a bit different, I had a divorce and the bank would not take my ex husband off the loan without a refinance and they would not refinance. The suggested to me in writing that I stop making payments, and then they can adjust. Then they refused to do that too. They clearly caused and encouraged the events that led to the foreclosure process which lasted 5 years (miserable hell of a process, so sorry you are having to deal with it!). The settlement really didn’t offer much to me other than a few thousand dollars, they STILL wasted five years of my life and I had to deal with five years of stressful aggravating stuff. It really showed me just how messed up our situation is, the fact that all that was happening and the banks are the ones who were ‘bailed out’ pissed me off. THEY have been the wrong-doers in every single instance I have heard, well not every… I’ve heard some stories of crappy people who just don’t care about their financials too… but the banks have ruined a lot of lives, taken away a lot of well earned homes and destroyed a lot of peoples ‘credibility’. The BIG take away is that you get to choose to deal with that however you want. It is SO hard not to be angry and bitter (you can probably tell I still am angry at banks and very bitter toward our ‘system’ that got us here) but you can take all of that information and learn from it and move on too. The fact is credit is only good for people who want to borrow money. There ARE different ways (and they don’t have to include a tiny house, that is just my version). The only real way to stick it to the bank is to realize that we dont NEED them, and then do things a different way. There are independent lenders, there are rentals that will allow cash savings, no mater what the situation there is ALWAYS more than one option. Unfortunately, I would say that the stress that went with the lawsuit process was not NEARLY worth the payout and time wasted… πŸ™ They are gigantic and they have more resources, especially with the government bailing them out at every turn…

  19. I have a question, It shows you only paid $500 for the goose neck trailer. Did you buy this from someone you knew or just search around? I was pricing some and seems people want $2000+ for them around here in North GA. Also want to say i love your tiny home, Me and my GF hope to build something like this or a small A frame cabin to be rent free within next year or two..

    It is also funny how tons of people act like you cannot live without a big house and tons of spare room for no reason.. I love my free time right now and my cheap bills and i want to keep my bills this cheap or cheaper when me and her get out on our own. I really do feel time is Priceless, And i feel lots of people work way to much and don’t realize they are working their lives away.. Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Michael! I purchased the trailer from Craigslist, it was a home-made trailer and needed a lot of work done to it. Honestly, 2,000 seems like a pretty good deal for a ready to use version, I have a lot of hours invested into welding the thing to make it work, and it took two months off the front of my build! Those first few weeks are when you’re really gung-ho about it and I feel like I wasted the chipper attitude on trailer stuff! Hopefully that’s helpful. Thank you so much for the kind words! Best of luck to you and your lady, let me know if I can ever help navigate anything tiny!

  20. Ever since i saw a article on this the other day the idea of a small home sounds awesome especially since a lot of small homes seem to focused on low impact to the environment. What would be good starting point for designing one?

    1. Hi Aaron! I started by looking at all the tiny house blogs that I could ( and I went to the bookstore to look through lots of small house books I could for ideas, Nano House, Compact Cabins, Small House Designs, Small Eco Houses etc. They got a lot of juices flowing in my noggin! From there I made a list of all the components that were ‘must haves’ for me, not needs but more wants because you really don’t need to limit yourself. Then I made little scale cut outs of each of those components and cut out a sheet of paper the size of the trailer I thought I wanted and started laying things out to see how they fit. If you get to that point you’re probably going to start looking deeper into codes/construction, I have put together a list of the resources I recommend for that stuff here, If there are other questions you can always feel free to shoot me an email/comment too, I try to respond to all of them! πŸ™‚ Hopefully that is helpful!

  21. Hi,
    Fantastic build!!!! Planning on doing something very similar in the UK.

    Timeline Photos – 20 (and moving day, scary!)

    what is the overall weight?? as I wondered what sort of 4×4 you were using to tow it!!!

    1. Thanks Nina! I am not positive on the overall weight but it is a lot heavier than mosst because of the tile floors, I am guessing it comes in around 15k #s. I hired a tow company to move it which used a one ton duelly truck, it pulled really well!

  22. Hey Macy! I’m thinking about building a tiny home on my college campus right now to live in for the future, and I was wondering what composting toilet you use? I’ve read a lot about them, but your toilet is much more attractive than others I’ve seen, and definitely smaller in size! Thanks in advance!

    1. I’ve got a few posts on this here,, you can see the rational for why I went the direction I did and the experience in general. I will say it is not actually as small as a self contained unit, there is a great big canister that sits under the trailer πŸ™‚ But it looks more ‘normal’ and keeps all the maintenance outdoors!

  23. Ms. Macy. I recently came across the article on your tiny house. Inspiring to say the least. I’ve been through a similar, life changing event and would like to have someone build me something similar. Is there a generic blueprint that you can share? All I need is to find a small lot and move forward with my dream too. Thank you for sharing your immense talents! Michael M.

  24. Macy: I have been interested in these mini-homes for awhile now. I am kinda in the same position you were in a few years ago. I too, lost my home. It sucked. Ruined my hard earned high credit score. But, now I don’t really want to care if my credit score is ‘0.” I want to pay cash for as much as I can.Here is my dilemma..I am handicapped. I can walk, but cannot climb stairs. I saw your stairs up to your loft, and it would be impossible for me to get up there. Do you have any ideas on how to shift things, so that I could have a raised bed off the floor? My bed now is on risers, as I have also broken my back, so bending down, or kneeling is a real problem for me. Also, is there room for a service dog in there? I have a Doberman/Pointer cross, pretty tall, and about 90ish pounds. At the moment, he is sleeping with me on my queen bed (for warmth). In the summer, he is on the floor, but I can’t step over him. Grrr. Well, I hope to hear from you soon! I am excited to start saving for this!!

    1. Hi Nicolette!

      Happy to hear from you! Yes, absolutely there is a way to accomplish all of that. I am drafting up my floor plans right now and I am including a version that is not on a goose-neck so there would be no stairs. I am keeping it to a 24′ long trailer still so I am including either Drew’s built-in fold out bed or a pull out bed of some sort – the trailer length could also be increased to accommodate a ‘normal’ bed too. Right now I have Denny who is about 120# and growing, he and I do just great in the house, we shuffle around a bit when he’s feeling needy and wanting to be close but he’s got his own area to sleep and doesn’t seem to notice the small house size, if your dog is calm I would say it would be a great situation, a hyper dog, probably not without some outdoor space too!

      I think we are on the right track, there is nothing more to a credit score than the ability to borrow but that leaves options for things to be taken away unjustly in my experience too. I am less connected to my credit score than most people are comfortable with, the funny part about that is that the less I’ve cared the higher it goes up (as my debt to income ratio decreases people like the idea of getting their paws on you!)

      I am happy you’ve found some interest in tiny houses, they are a great option, I absolutely love that I have taken this path even if it isn’t ‘long term’ for now, I think it is something I will circle back around to when it makes sense again! If you have any questions or concerns along the way please stay in touch, I love helping others navigate the options! Best wishes!

      1. Macy:
        Wow! Thanks so much for the quick response. Bruce, my Service dog, has a wonderful quiet temperament. He just wants to be with me. Period. No matter where I go, he wants to be there. Concerts, dinner, church..where ever.
        I was thinking about a “Murphy bed” kind of a bed, is that what a “Drews bed” is?
        I also am detaching from using credit-funny, I had a Dell sales person try to convince me that buying on credit would be less expensive for me than paying cash. Huh?? No matter how I tried to explain to this clueless individual, he refused to cave. ha ha ha. It was a funny conversation. And, yes, IO am finding my score is higher as my debt VS income ratio decreases too.

        So, you have not moved your home? I want mine to be mobile, as I have several friends in the Portland area I would like to visit during the summer months, and then come home to New Mexico for the winter. Mine is going to be my “forever home.”

        Thanks so much for the info.

        1. That sounds like Denny, if he’s awake :). Drew’s bed is sort of a Murphy bed but a cool DIY design that works well for tiny houses I think :). We have a sad generation in front of us, it makes me cringe when I see people getting into so much financial trouble, lots of people just don’t even think about it anymore, until it bites them! I have only moved my home once to date, it is much heavier than most because of the tile floors/shower and not designed as much to be mobile (another thing I am changing in my plans πŸ™‚ ). I would definitely do some things different if planning constant moves.

  25. Hello, I love your home and want to build one asap for myself, I need out of my situation so it would just be me and my dog :-). I would love a duplicate of yours except for where it is cut out (maybe for a 5th wheel hookup?). Can I also ask how you found land to rent? That seems to be difficult to find in Michigan without going out into no mans land. I still work full time so I would need to park somewhere near civilization. Cant wait to hear back from you. I am so inspired by your story.

    1. Thank you Tammy for the kind words. I looked in Craigslist for property but ended up just finding it through word of mouth by talking about my plans with people. I cringe when you say Michigan, every tiny house horror story I hear originates in Michigan, it seems you guys have some pretty stringent and, in my opinion, ridiculous laws there that are VERY limiting to the tiny house concept… your best bet may actually be an RV park, generally they are a little more spendy but they are ‘legit’. Hopefully you can find something! (it does tend to be much easier when you have a final end product (house) than when it’s just an idea).

  26. Hi! love your thoughts about phone/internet…. How do you connect to Wifi from your tiny home? Are you borrowing someone else’s, or extending a neighbor’s. Where we live, we can’t get wifi without a landline… So just wondering how you are working with it! Thanks!!!

  27. screw the naysayers!!!!!!!! i think wat you have done is faaaaantastic and smarter then most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that hse. is so damn cute and effient. if people would do wat you did then there would be way less forclosers.hey where did you get the 3 light lamp,i want one!

  28. Hi Macy,

    I just stumbled upon your blog. Your home is incredible! I just love the flow, the aesthetics and how you have everything you could possibly want to be comfortable. I never thought I would consider moving into something that tiny or mobile, but all the recent economic upheaval has made me think really hard on the traditional “American Dream” of putting ourselves in debt to our eyeballs and working the rest of our lives just to keep up with “theJoneses”. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Hi Macy: I read your story, well your tiny house story in Mary Jane last night and being interested and reading about tiny houses I had to get on and read your story and wow wasn’t expecting all that is going on. I had to laugh at the ignorance of so many and the rudeness just made me sad for the way things are, guess always have been. I often wonder is it because our grandparents didn’t have a lot that our parents got more and then gave us more and then we passed it on to our kids. My daughter is your age and just had a baby. I see all the gadgets and “stuff” that she has and hey if you want it and have the space great but I never had any of it as we lived in a small one bedroom and were happy and content. Because we lived small I was able to stay home with them. I am glad that you can be true to yourself and share your experience with others. Why you are a liberal in all this confuses me and why this is not a normal American dream is another weird one. Ok, after you had your rant and I read all that negative garbage it upset me. As far as your little house, it is so nice and I loved your bed idea as the lofts would not be my thing. Be happy and only do what is right for you and your little one. She doesn’t need all that materialistic junk, she needs a mom that will love her and be there for her. We all know she won’t be put in another room with a monitor on while you are hanging out in the living room watching tv.
    Good luck in all you do!

    1. Thank you Sue! Your words are so nice to hear. I totally admit, before doing this project I definitely felt the pressure to go bigger and ‘better’ from nearly everyone, including previous generations. Watching it all fall out from some people made me realize just how unstable things can get. I definitely feel the NEED to be self reliant, I think it’s an important skill that is slowly disappearing unfortunately. I have been shockingly amazed at how hard it is for others to even consider the idea of building your own house (scratch the 200 s.f. of it all, call it an 800 s.f. house, I think I would have gotten a lot of the same critiques for that!). The most often comment is ‘why not just get an RV’ which would be fine but the project and process of this was the main point, all the rest is just gravy! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your kind words and support, I’m sorry it upset you, it did me at first but now it’s just another part of the process, and an important one for others to ignore too, mean things are said to everyone for any reason, we can let them stifel us or just see them and move on… I made the choice to move one, a little more enlightened and with a little tougher skin! πŸ™‚

  30. Hi there!!! I read some of the comments people made to you about your house,your dog,and even your baby!!! Some people are so rude! I will never understand why some people feel free to give opinions online that they would never give in person.Don’t let them get to you. πŸ™‚

  31. I enjoyed the article about your house in MJF and told my sister to look at your website. Of course I had to look myself. I really like the pics of all the things your family has made for your baby. My daughter cloth diapers her babies, as did I, but with much different diapers. I used traditional white that needed pins and she used wonderful colorful ones that snap. I tried to make them, I have lots of sewing experience, but just cannot get the hang of it. Congrats to you mom for mastering them! I will keep trying as I am waiting for my 6th grandchild this summer. Lots of blessings to you and you baby. I enjoyed my visit today.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind note Becca! I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful and talented mom! It’s crazy how many choices of cloth diapers there are out there now, I like the plain pin ones with a little booty cover! πŸ™‚

  32. Macy, my wife loves the bed in your tiny house. Was it built from cabinets or from scratch? any info would be helpful.

    1. Hi Mark, it was built from scratch, there is no reason it couldnt be built from cabinets though, it was just a little taller than a standard cabinet so I had to custom build it.

  33. Macy; can you tell me how your tiny house is heated? what kind of toilet do you have? how do you keep water from freezing in winter? Thanks, Steve in Pittsburgh

    1. Hi Steve, I heat my house with in floor radiant heat and a small radiant heater to supplement, I have a Sun-Mar Composting toilet and I have the water pipes heat taped and skirted so thy don’t freeze, it’s gotten to -4 and did ok. πŸ™‚

  34. Would love to know where to purchase the needed items to make a small freezer into a refrigerator? Totally love your tiny house and the way you placed everything for lots of storage. I am 71 and planning on a tiny house soon, purchased a 14 X 24 storage shed that will be delivered soon. Thanks for all the good ideas.

  35. Hi Macy! I just love your personality and your philosophy on life. Your home is out of this world and I thank the universe there are people like you. Authentic and real.

    Thanks so much for sharing so much of your life with us!!!

  36. Morning, saw your article from a friend on Facebook. How do I ‘subscribe’ to your blog? So far I love it!

  37. I love everything about your house, even the dog (I had one for 13 yrs).
    I would be ready to build a house like yours, and the only thing that is keeping me to do it, is the water issue. In Canada, the temperature drastically drops in winter and I don’t know how I could resolve this issue. If you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to here them. Good luck with the baby and don’t forget to take some time out, because you will wear off. Be careful!

    1. Hi Carole! Thanks for the very kind words! We get fairly cold here as well, not as cold as parts of Canada but after 32 degrees it’s the same issues! I designed my house so that all the plumbing was in the same area, this is so the pies can run primarily in the floor cavity and be insulated. There is the issues of the hose running from the lawn hydrant/hookup to the house, I take care of this by running heat tape on it and insulating it and then having skirting around the area where the water is. For me that took care of all of the issues (it got to -12 here over the winter). There are ways to address those things but they are largely not covered on blogs because most tiny house people don’t have to worry too much about that being in warmer areas πŸ™‚

  38. Thank you for your answer.
    I guess I should move to warmer places. But then, I would not get to see my grandchildren.
    Take Care.

  39. Love your cozy house…what a great design and centred way of life. A note to Carole: I too am Canadian and ponder the simpler life and a smaller home as well. I am also concerned about the northern winter issues as they affect water and water pipes. Insulation sounds like a good idea. Perhaps there may also be some way of installing small solar collectors to give just enough heat to the pipes to keep them from freezing.

  40. ==========
    For your roof and short wall, you might also consider EPDM or comparable single membrane commercial roofing — 20 year warranty and can be fully adhered to OSB or whatever else you might use underneath for sheathing over your frame.

    1. I was between EDPM and TPO, I decided on TPO because it was more easily available in the size and quantity that I needed. There seemed to be issues finding EDPM that could hold up to UV rays in a size that was easy enough to work with. If there were something more easily available though it is definitely a decent material! It seemed to target the pond making industry better than the building industry when I was looking, things may have changed though!…

  41. Macy: We spoke awhile ago about altering the design to put the bed on the bottom..have you had any further thoughts about the change in design that would have to happen to accomodate my inability to climb steps? Also..having a little financial issue SSDA check doesn’t arrive until NEXT Wednesday..always the 4th Wednesday of the month..any possibility of still benefiting from the 20% off? There was 5 weeks in my month this month :-(..kinda stretched my budget to the limit…if not, I totally understand..hate having to put all this in a public forum..but…Anyway,my dwag Bruce is NOT looking forward to having no space to run..but, I will love the no lease pmts!! Talk to you soon..Nicolette
    P.S. is my email..

    1. Hi Nicolette-

      I am going to email you here shortly but in short, yes I have been working on that, I am doing that via a murphy style bed, I’ll send you some pictures of what it’s looking like, it is on a bumper pull style of trailer.

      1. Macy, to you sell these kits and how much would it be to pay someone to put it together? I’m disabled, can’t walk stairs and can’t put in a murphy bed. I have 10 X 20 feet to use to build and think I can build an auxilliary house on wheels for that.

        THANKS Gayle

        Please respond to

        1. Hi Gayle, I sell the plans so that others can have this built, it’s not a kit though, it’s just like a standard home, any contractor could build from the plans though and get you quotes. The one I know has been quoted put a version at approximately 55k completed. The plans can be found here, Hope that helps!

  42. hello Macy! before an apology, I do not speak good English and use a translator. thank you!

    your house is beautiful, and you realize the manufacture, something that brings more value, congratulations.

    Β  and mexico. where I live, is a warm climate, I live in the state of Guanajuato. center mexico.

    so the obvious question would be, how winter and lived there? that last winter was very difficult for usa.

    Greetings and congratulations both on your house, for your beautiful baby.

    atte Paul David Zamora

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words! I actually wintered very well, it got down to -4 degrees here and I made it through, the heating in here is much easier than the cooling sometimes!

  43. Thank you Macy! before an apology, I do not speak good English and use a translator. thank you!

    excellent, just that high temperature is what worries me, a suggestion, and if you use shade cloth? (Such as that used in greenhouses) in mexico temperatures are very high and has been very useful for basket ball areas, pools or tennis, here is relatively cheap 4 usd. (Only mesh) 4ft. x 4 ft. o (1 mt. x 1 mt), hopefully that will help. if there is some other problem, I hope to help, thank you very much for your attention.

  44. Macy,
    First of all congrats on your beautiful home. I have been scouring the web for a small house with specific features. Yours has all of them. Including the stair case which would be great for my pup πŸ™‚ The question I haven’t seen answered is what you do to cool the space. I live in Texas and A/C is a must. I was thinking a unit in one of the windows might work. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  45. Macy,
    Your house is beautiful and your daughter and doggie are adorable! I looked through your blog but haven’t seen much on where you park your house… I might just be missing it. Do you own your own land?
    Great blog, BTW. Very helpful!

    1. Hi Josh, thank you very much for your kind words! I never addressed this head on so thank you for the idea, my latest post goes through parking options. I rent the lot though from a friend for 200 dollars a month plus utilities. Hopefully you find the other information posted to be helpful too!

  46. How do you ever find time to do this. Amazing. I am desperately looking for the plans for the dog house with covered outdoor porch and raised food and water bowl. I have heard it came from this site. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

    1. Man Mary, I wish I could help, I was just googling images for ‘dog house’ when that came up.. I tried to find it again but I can’t! Sorry I’m not more helpful!

  47. Hi Macy, I love what you have done and your perspective on whats important in life. I also appreciate that you can appreciate there is a whole spectrum of living and each to their own. I’m excited for you and your new family addition. I have two of my own and they are the most special thing in the world to me.
    A couple of months ago I sent you a comment about how you inspired me to build my own tiny home and it is finished. I am so proud of how it came out and really would like to show you some pictures. I had no official plan, just pictures and decisions made as i went along.
    How can I send you some photos? I think you will find it pretty neat and similar in design to your home.

    All the best,

      1. Macy, Have you rec’d the photo’s? Are you going to show us?? I am excited to see!!
        Thanks my beautiful Sista~

  48. Hello Macy,
    Macy you are truly an inspiration in so many ways!
    I’ve been following the Tiny House movement for several years, and have seen many, many tiny houses-yours in my opinion is the best! I hope to eventually buy your plans, once I find a place for the tiny home.(I loved your article on parking issues for a Tiny house) I would tweak my house so that I’d have a murphy bed and an additional storage unit all on the ground, extending space to the floor where your bed and stairs are now. I will continue to follow your blog, and if I’m ever in Idaho, I’d love to meet you. Keep inspiring us all!

    Sincerely, Mary Ann Gonsalves

    1. Mary..I am unable to climb into bunk myself, have same plans as far as Murphy Bed..If you have already changed your “plans” can you help me? Thanks, Nicolette!

  49. Great design! Daughter wants to build one and as soon as we can we will purchase your plans. We have been looking for months and months at different designs, yours is the one we like the best. Neither of us has experience but hey….my motto is if someone else can do it so can I. I’m currently living in a converted short bus with two grandchildren and have for 9 years now. Been living tiny for a while and love it. People just can’t imagine the benefits. Thank you so much for making your plans available! I saw your design a while back but wasn’t aware that you offered the plans.

  50. Hi Macy, I got tired of watching Cesar Milan episodes so I was looking for something else to watch when I happened upon the documentary that Christopher Smith filmed about his Tiny House experience. I live in the Meridian/Nampa area and am very intrigued by the idea of living in house as small as yours- with a GREAT DANE no less! I think it’s a great idea!

  51. Hey Macy! First of all I absolutely love your blog and you lil house. πŸ™‚ I’m planning on building one sometime in the coming year and I was wondering how you went about getting your trailer. It seems like the one you got was a killer deal and I’d love to follow in your footsteps in that regard!

    1. Hi Jessie, it was a good deal because it needed A LOT of work, I was ok with it because I was looking to learn how to weld anyway :). I spent the first two months on getting the trailer up to speed, I’m not sure I recommend that, I lost a lot of the excited to get building gusto before I even got to start! I ended up putting almost 1,000 more into it too to get it ready, I may have extended my budget a little more on the trailer if I knew what I know now! Craigslist is a great place to start though! Very good luck in your search! Let me know how it goes!

    1. Hi Lee- The scales were closed when I moved but the man I hired was an experienced hauler and he guestimated between 15k-18k, the trailer itself is weighted up to 21,300. It’s a beast, without the tile floor it would be 5k-6k lighter.

  52. Hi Macy,

    We love your site and would like to do an article on your pictures (and others) about alternative great places to live. We are a non-profit trying to improve the lives of home owners. Our site is

    Is that OK? We’ll of course credit you and link to your site. Let me know.


    1. Hi Eric, sure that would be great! It would be awesome if you could link my site so I can read it when it comes out too!

      1. Hi Macy, great, thanks. We’ll link back, and I’ll try to remember to post the link here πŸ™‚ It’ll be some time this fall.

        It’ll be in Danish, but Google Translate will help you. It’ll probably be combined with other interesting houses.


  53. Hi Macy,
    I just watched your video and must say I am very impressed with the thorough tour, the creative use of space and the fact that you showed the insides of your closets/cabinets – very brave! Your place looks lovely. Regards,

  54. Hi Macy,

    Your modern design rocks, instead of the typical A – Frame. I was very impressed you built it yourself especially with a plumber in the family! I found your website through the Tiny Life emails……

    I hope the experience helped you secure your Construction License.

    From your budget I could see your home is well insulated to survive the big temperature swings you’ve had from 111 F to -12 F.

    I lived in an (almost) tiny home for 4 years. It was life changing and “freeing” realizing how much “stuff” I didn’t need, especially in the kitchen.

    From my experience a few things I’d do differently for my lifestyle would include (even with a lot less stuff) easier access to & more storage (for seasonal & work clothes, bikes, paddles etc) definitely higher ceilings and better insulation. I don’t like the closet clutter of winter clothes during the summer…..

    1. Do you have another heat/cooling source beside the radiant heat in the floor?

    2. Are your ceilings 9′ or higher?

    3. Do you have both a washer & dryer or a convertible washing machine?

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Hi Charlie, thanks!
      1) Yes, first winter supplemented with an electric radiant heater, this one I am trying an envi convection heater AND a propane wall heater, just trying them out, so far all seem like great choices.
      2) 9’4″ at the peak!
      3) I have a combo washer/dryer unit in the kitchen!
      Happy Holidays to come!

  55. To help you with decluttering your winter clothes, try these Vacuum-Seal Storage Bags. They truly make a big difference.. Moreover, to make more room in your drawers, try rolling your clothes, this will help as well.

  56. Absolutely love your house! It has the most sensible layout and amount of storage in any tiny house I’ve seen. The the idea of being a tiny house owner and having that freedom in all scenarios is really appealing to me. The problem is I would build one now but I’m only 14. My grandpa already has a 25 foot goose neck trailer he is willing to give me and I have several family friends that could help with the building, electric, and everything else. I just don’t know were I would get the money for it. Do you think I could do it? Any advice is appreciated.

    1. Thank you Alli! Of course you can! Where there is a will there is a way, the most expensive parts you already have! If you have a location you can build and tools you can borrow you’re even better off! Here is my suggestions for saving money,, Also, look up Sicily Kolbeck, She is 14 and recently completed her build with the help of her mom Susannah, you can certainly reach out to them for their tips as well!

  57. I love your tiny house!!! I love all of the creativity you put into it! My cousin and I have been trying to think of money savers and cheep appliances to make a tiny house. I am only 11 but I really want a tiny house!! I really don’t like to have to many things and to have to much space although your house is roomy! Do you have any advice to how my cousin and I could get our house done with being so far away from each other? And do you have any advice to help us save money not not spend as much to make our tiny house? We have a trailer and a family of farmers to help us but we need some advice? Thank you for your awesome ideas and getting your ideas done! It’s very inspirational!!

    1. It sounds like you have everything in order, you just need some materials! That’s great! Here is my suggestion for finding materials cheap, The biggest thing I can suggest to you is ‘just ask’, people will think you’re adorable, use that to you advantage! I think your cousin may have contacted me as well? is she 14? You are building together but not located near each other, is that right? I think another great resource for you gals could be Sicily and Suzannah Kolbeck, Sicily started building when she was 13 and I think would have a lot of great insight to how she got going. You can scower Craigslist and local auction houses too for cheap/free materials, you may have to put some time into getting them to a usable condition but you can do that! What are your plans to do with this tiny house you build?

  58. Yes Alli S. Is my cousin. Thanks for all the advice! I have looked on Craigslist and I have found something’s that could be great. Also do you have any suggestions on how to maybe make somethings by hand or just original creative things. We are planning to use this for collage and maybe a little after. As I said we have a trailer and I have a lot of pallets at my house.

    1. Get creative! You can repurpose things. Whatever you are wanting to make just google ‘repurposed ____’ You should be able to get lots of ideas that way!

    2. How big is your trailer you want to use, are you going to blog about your adventures, that’s a really good way to keep up with eachother!

    1. I went to a plumbing supply store and said I need one that is 13″x13″ or smaller, it was the only one out of HUNDREDS that fir the bill at 12 5/8″x12 5/8″ πŸ™‚

  59. Hello Macy,

    Like so many others who posted here, I stumbled upon your site — it was one of the little teaser windows I saw beneath the stories while reading The Guardian (British newspaper) online, ya know, the six or eight totally random articles placed the heading “Elsewhere on the Web” or “You Might Also Be Interested in This”. Most of which I’m not the least bit interested in. Just wanted to say that I loved your project and most of all your encouragement to others and your enthusiasm. I’m not hoping or planning on a tiny house for myself, I have a small farm in California that my family bought in 1921 and there are four old houses of various sizes (none large) and 19 outbuildings, so with about 90 years of deferred maintenance on the place, we have plenty to do just fixing them up.
    But even though I’m not intending to build a tiny house myself, your personal warmth, honesty, intelligence and other obvious fine qualities were very encouraging and inspiring to me. I’m fixing up a little 450 square-foot cottage (they’d call it “a studio” if it was being rented in a city) on our farm to use as a guest house and to try Air BnB. It was originally built in the 1930s with subsequent changes here and there, always DIY with never with much money to spend on fixtures or contractors, so it’s interesting to fix up and make liveable while staying true to it’s humble and funky roots as a little self-built farmhouse.
    So thank you for continuing to field questions and comments from strangers, and generally making the world a better place with your bright soul light and inner AND outer beauty (nothing wrong with having both!). I got up early this morning to do a little yoga (it’s actually just stretching and body work, I call it yoga as shorthand, I really know nothing about yoga) to loosen my back since I planted 16 acres of malting barley yesterday to get it in the ground before a storm, and here it is 8:15 already because I lost an hour and a half reading your blog and looking at your photos. But gained some inspiration and discovered a kindred spirit. I bookmarked the site so that I can share it with my lovely sleeping partner when she awakens.
    Keep it up, Macy! Strangers love you, I’m sure friends adore you.

    Jon Hammond
    Linda Vista Ranch
    Tehachapi, California

    1. Just wow! Thank you SO much for your extremely kind words! This comment just makes me feel so good! Good luck to you on all of your adventures!

  60. Hey Macy, have you heard of the Tiny-house community being built in Austin, TX by a non-profit called “Mobile Loaves & Fishes”? It’s going to be a community to house many chronically homeless people, but other individuals as well. They just held a tiny-house design competition, sponsored by the AIA, and construction is already under way! The project is called “Community First Village”, check it out:

  61. i got my dumpster yesterday. started to season it with peanut oil. won’t be long till we can saute…

  62. Not sure if anyone has asked this yet but where did you find that size of a trailer for $500? And one that is in decent enough shape to build on? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find anything close to that.

    1. Ahhh there is the issues, it needed a lot of work to get buildable, the entire first two months was prepping the trailer, adding an axle, etc. It was a great deal and I’m glad I got it because it helped me stay in budget but I would not do it again, I would spend a little more, get a ready to build on trailer and use all that gusto energy you have up front to get actually building instead of dealing with a dumb trailer! πŸ™‚

  63. Macey,
    I’m curious as to what process you had to go through to get hooked into the power grid. Will the power company just come and hook you up or is it more difficult than that.

    1. I rent the property so I am hooked up to the land owners power just via an extension cord, I think MOST people handle it that way but more and more people are getting their own land and putting a power pole on it. You will have to talk to your local power company to see what they require, sometimes they are bound to local laws that require certain things, a lot of times they are not and will just put in power as needed.

    1. Oh weird! thats so funny, that almost seems like a completely random video, the local news station came out and shot that a while ago, it has nothing to do with high cost housing though!! Thanks for sharing!

  64. Hi Macy,

    I recently discovered your blog – I dig your little house! It’s so cute! What a clever design!

    I have looked into the tiny house movement a lot, and while tiny house is not for me, small house definitely is. My husband and I own and live in a 900 sq ft house in a popular, walkable area of our city, and we walk or bike most places. We have a Rottweilier and a Red Heeler in our small house, and people think we are crazy for living in our small house with dogs that big (even though we have a nice yard for them to play in) – so I can’t even imagine the comments you have probably fielded! πŸ˜€ What I love about efficient, limited space is it really causes us to think before we purchase ANYTHING, and we often go through purges where we cull our crap – it’s amazing how it can pile up – work freebies, mugs, odd Tupperware, etc.

    I am also a female architect in my 30s. Your remodel and kids’ room is such a great little kid scale.

    I don’t get why living in a tiny or small space is so horrifying to so many people. My parents lived in a camper on land they purchased while they built our first house, a 600 sq. ft. house. And four of us lived there for 9 years while they built our farmhouse. So, they went from tiny to small to standard (although small by today’s standards), all without incurring any debt.

    Anyways, just want to let you know I like your blog and your messages. You go girl!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind message, I have some stories about the dog thing! πŸ™‚ Your parents and you seem to be ahead of the curve for sure!

  65. I love the design! Not sure if I missed it but what is the final weight? When I build one (still planning) I’d like to travel with it.

    1. I don’t have an exact weight because the scales were closed when I moved but its estimated around 15k, mine is extremely heavy because of the floor system, without that it would probably be 10-11k

  66. Hi, Macy. Just discovered your site while researching tiny houses for a blog post. Would love to include a picture of your work. Your house is very impressive. I will of course include a link to your site if you give me the okay. Thanks.

  67. Hello Macy,

    I love your work and your tinny house. And I wanted to know if one can purchase plans for other tinny houses form you

  68. Hi Macy,

    My wife and I wanted to know which toilet you purchased for your tiny home. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  69. Thanks for the reply Macy. Where did you put the centrex? Was it under the floor of the trailer? Did you raise the dry toilet?

  70. hey! first of all i love your blog!! second i love your house!! third you are crazy hahah i love it!!! ok so i am really wanting to build my own tiny house. i have 2 kids 2 and 3 and a husband. currently we are living with my mother and it is proving to be impossible to get her and my wonderful husband on board with this whole thing!!! my mom brought up a question…. what do you do for christmas? like for presents? and if you could pick one thing what would you change about your home, lastly do you regret doing anything??? do you feel crowded and overwhelmed???? these answers would really help me.. oh one more, where do you go when you just need some space???

    thank you love your blog again!!!!



      We have a 7.5′ tall Christmas Tree, the above picture I will admit has empty boxes wrapped for ‘effect’. We have a constant battle with gifts because we both have large families, local to us ( We try to minimize gifts in general and put emphasis on experiences and quality time, hoping that relationships matter in the long run more than things. I think that has more to do with our minimalist mindset than the house but it certainly helps get our point across when we simply don’t have room for lots of ‘stuff’. πŸ™‚

      There is nothing that I would change that I haven’t already, thats the fun part, you get to make your home exactly what you want! I have absolutely zero regrets. We love our tiny lifestyle, it suites us so well. If I felt crowded or overwhelemd we wouldn’t be here anymore. Definitely not. In fact I felt MORE crowded and overwhelmed in my 2,500 sf house, the emotional weight was so much. Today, we have exactly what we need and want, and nothing more! It’s a different mindset than the standard today but so freeing.

      I think along the same lines as the others, I don’t have a go-to place for ‘more space’. I don’t think I need more space. Space is not the solution in most cases and, in my experience only enables a bigger divide. A tiny house is a great way to make or break a relationship in my experience. you will either learn how to cooperate with one and other… or you won’t. I think it forces a deeper communication between housemates. I feel more connected than I have in any relationship in my past and we have the spare change to get out and about more often, either together or separately so I don’t ever feel like we need a place to get away. Hopefully that makes sense….

      Thank you for your very kind words, I wish you and your kiddos all the happiness we have found! BUT I will also add that it won’t work unless all parties are on board and can get behind the lifestyle as a whole, choosing to focus on what it enables rather than what it takes away is a HUGE skill. We do find it isolating to an extent, we aren’t playing the same game as ‘the Jones’s’ so it is easy to feel like we’re doing this whole life thing ‘wrong’… BUT we are getting to travel, eat amazing food, spend time together and build careers around our passions, which is what makes it harder and harder to relate to others, we’ve really become dependent on each other for emotional balance. Personally I don’t see that as a bad thing… but it can be a tad isolating at times.

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