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Things having to do with the trailer and integration of it

Update 6.2.13

Just some pictures tonight, I am tuckered!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Update 5.31.13

My trailer moved!  Getting ready for the next steps… As you saw in the last pictures the trailer sits too low for comfort… I was planning on putting some spacers in the axles to raise it up but after some conversations with the trailer folks this was not suggested, now it is a much bigger project.  I also got 6 new [used but better condition] tires because the others make me nervous, they will make good spares though.  So, more to come on this fix later, Sunday is slated for that work, tomorrow, the siding MUST get finished AND it’s the first Shakespeare of the season, excited to see that with my brothers!

I took a video but I am not technical enough to get it uploaded so here are some pictures:

Update 5.30.13 – The Freak Out!

I am totally freaking out.  It is just over a week before I move my house now… I have an awful lot invested in this project and I need to figure out how to get it across town on the back roads, preferably passing a weigh station… but probably not because it will be Sunday and they will be closed.  I am not worried about the trailer falling off or anything of that sort, I know how everything in it is built and nothing will happen that isn’t completely fixable.  I am worried because I am not in control, a very generous friend is going to help me move it.  I have the type of tires that are for mobile homes which don’t have a super reputation for longevity.   I don’t know the history of these tires exactly but I do know that for the last year and a half they have sat stagnant.  The hav had a check-up at the tire store and passed exam, but it makes me worry, what if something does happen… I m sure it will be fine, I think it’s just impossible not to worry.

I am searching for a path that is ‘backroads’.  The trip I am going on with the house if generally a 21 minute drive… the path I have mapped below would take 36 minutes, worth it for the back roads I think, slower speeds are good when the last year and a half of my life is traveling down the road 🙂  I realize this move is like, nothing compared to most tny housers but I assure you, it has me on edge!  I will feel lots better once it’s situated, that’s for sure!

mapSo, onto the update, I am getting ready for that move and there are some things that need to happen still… The trailer has to be inspected by a motor vehicle inspector so that I can register it.  I took a peek back through my state requirements HERE and realized that I think I am actually ok on my dimensions, I went slightly over the standard 8′ max width, about 2 inches over with windows poking out but I see Idaho’s laws are actually 8′-6″, could cause problems if I go to other states but like everything else I will cross that bridge when I get there.

I am FREAKING out, this will be a stressful week getting everything together, that is for sure!  Thank you SO much Jed for volunteering to help move me, I promise not to be a pain :).

Onto the update, which is sort of related… my trailer is on it’s own 6 feet… It is resting on the ground.  I wanted to test out and see how much clearance I have over the wheels, I was expecting not much.  I have moved the location of these tires when I added the third axle so that instead of sitting in between the structure of the trailer they are right below it.  This wouldn’t matter anyway because there is now a piece of plywood on the bottom of the structure.  I think i am going to have to add a spacer between the u-bolts so that there is a little more space between the wheels and the floor.  I had to take the trailer off its supports to verify how much I have to raise it up. I should be good to lift it an inch or so up.  Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

PS, now that my trailer is off it’s blocks it ‘feels’ much more wobbly that it did, to be expected but I get that questions sometimes, ‘does it ‘feel’ solid’, to this point the answer is yes, very, now, it feels like it’s on a trailer 🙂

PPS, I am having a little competition on how much this beast weighs, I can’t think of a prize just yet, let me know if you have any ideas but better yet, post your guess in the comments for how much you think it weighs.  As a base-line, the trailer itself, before adding anything to it weighed a couple hundred shy of 3,000 (~2,800) pounds, I have taken the deck off and added all that I have documented…  post your guesses below and I will think of something awesome to give whoever is closest! 

Update 5.5.13

Here is this days progress.  I started the pallet siding.  Here are some pictures:

Update 4.11.13

It was sorta a lazy night, well as much as I ever have those… mostly because I am SORE!  I’m not sure what exactly I did to strain every muscle in my legs but I feel like I was doing squats for 5 hours yesterday!  I took the opportunity to get a decent jump on my trellis, there is lots more to do but it only took about an hour to get this far so it should be done soon :).


So, to not feel so bad about not doing a ton of work I took the opportunity to think through my process on how to wrap this project up!

Announcement! I was accepted to be a keynote speaker at Boise’s first ever Mini Makers Faire which is pretty darn exciting! (I will probably be asking for advice on getting together some sort of presentation on this in the near future)  It takes place over Memorial Day weekend so I have decided that would be a good goal to be complete by (May 25th and 26th).  In order to make that happen though I need a game plan, the following is a list of the items left to finish and my estimation of time if applicable:

Trellis (3 hours)

Tile Floor

  • Install heat tape (4 hours)
  • Apply mortar bed (2 hours plus sitting overnight)
  • Install tile (8 hours)

Tile Shower

  • Apply RedGaurd (1 hour plus sitting overnight)
  • Install tile (8 hours)


  • Cut cabinet doors (2 hours)
  • Paint cabinets (6 hours)
  • Build drawers (10 hours)
  • Install pulls (2 hours)
  • Bookshelf (3 hours)


  • De-nail boards (20 hours)
  • Rip boards to size (4 hours)
  • Plane boards (4 hours)
  • Install Siding (16 hours)

Connect Plumbing 

  • Shower
  • Lav
  • Kitchen

Fix the Electrical I messed up (4 hours)

Install Toilet (3 hours)

Replace Tires (trip to the store)

Front Electrical Closet Doors (3 hours)

I have approximately 6 weeks to complete it in the timeframe, 2 and a half of those weekends I will be out of town or unavailable so this will be a tight squeeze and mostly weeknights after work!  It has been getting much easier to work on it now that things are getting all prettied up!  Each checkmark affects the aesthetics, it’s pretty neat for me.

Last night I was able to just sit and relax in the bed area, it equalled a pretty zen moment and an incredible feeling of pride!  That’s it for now!