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Happy Fall All!

Just an update!

I had my first Pumpkin Latte, it’s official and I am SO excited for the changing season!  Fall is here and we had our first real night of rain, you don’t need a metal roof to have the relaxing sound of rain, TPO works too! It was awesome, now it’s all wet out and Denver refuses to go outside for fear of getting his delicate self dirty!  I have been working on little miss Hazel’s Halloween costume, she’s going to be a witch, not the cutesy baby one, a scary one, because it’s halloween, that’s what you do! :)

There is so much to look forward to this fall but my top five favorite parts are:

  • Movie nights with my family around the bonfire!
  • Getting the house all spooked out for Halloween!
  • Brisk days, red leaves and hot cider walks with Denver!
  • Welcoming Hazel into the wondrous thing that is pumpkin pie!
  • All of the unknowns!  (I’m still working all that ‘saying no’ stuff out but I’m on my way!)

Updating on all that… There are a lot of very cool opportunities in front of me right now, I can’t do them all but I get to do some!  I’ve said no to the first big one, traveling the country talking about tiny houses!  And getting paid for it!  Two years ago that would have been AWESOME.  Now, I just can’t make it make sense… it’s hard for me to leave Hazel for a couple hours, I can’t imagine a few days at a time.  I know people do it and it would all be fine but part of this tiny house deal is having the time for ME, to focus on what I want and MY priorities.  Hazel is at the top of that list and I would kick myself for missing out on her big firsts if I could avoid it.  Fact is I don’t need much to live on, it wasn’t even about the money, I am passionate about teaching and inspiring and empowering others, the pay was just the cherry on top.  BUT, as passionate as I am about those things I am more passionate about my family.  Family won this time :).  I am hoping other opportunities like that line up in the future when they make more sense but right now I feel good about my decision to not jump on that one at this point (AND the company was very kind, understanding and supportive about my decision).

I have also been chatting with three different TV stations about my house and various stories on it.  Those are great opportunities but again, they eat into my family/work times.  It is very cool to get to check things like that off an imaginary list BUT… they eat up a couple days at a time in prep and actual shooting so I am learning to be much more selective about which of those opportunities I take.  It is always a balance between my passion to empower, inspire and teach and my family.

Right now I’m working on a separate tiny house design tool as well, along with Ryan’s and my podcast a couple times a week, being a stay at home mom, maintaining Tiny House People and writing my 4 ebooks I have been keeping pretty busy!  I am so happy to see so much interest in going a bit smaller, I feel like this is WHY I got into designing.  How people think of housing has a huge impact on our environment, I like to feel like I am helping to make it easier to start decreasing footprint sizes and I think that is a very positive thing!

Little miss update… She had her 6 month appointment.  Hazel is in great health, she’s in the 97th percentile on height still and 87 on weight.  She took her shots like a trooper and was easier to distract than the last couple times.  We took it easy but she still had a fever for four days and I think she is teething again (she’s already got her two front bottom ones for a month+ now) because she’s been running warm and biting a lot again.   She is eating real food and digging it, we haven’t found anything she doesn’t like yet but she’s still primarily on the boob (which I am proud to say I met my goal of breastfeeding for 6 months!).  THAT though has taken it’s toll on me, I am now 15 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight (50 pound swing from peak pregnancy weight 6 months ago)… I have switched over to ‘eat everything in sight’ mode and a little more exercising so that I can try to get back to my healthy weight and hopefully not get sickly, I can already feel the creaking in my joints, I need to get better nutrients!   Even so, we play and we giggle, she sits up and loves to stand all the time, she doesn’t crawl or anything yet but she manages to get scoot along just fine getting across the bed etc.  We now sleep with the baby gate closed, just in case.  She knows her name now ans smiles/turns to look when its said. We won a photo shoot where she gets to dress up as one of the girls from Frozen, that should be fun[ny]. She’s getting quite the personality, we can’t wait to see how it keeps developing!  I think she’s going to be opinionated but kind and brave!

Here are some random pictures in no particular order of our grand adventures!  (There are two baby videos at the bottom if you want to see her in action!)


I hope you are all well!

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Can You Have a Baby in a Tiny House?

The moment I found out I was pregnant the number one response was something along the lines of  ‘so long tiny house’.  For some reason it seemed more logical that I should get a bigger space… I can kind of get it but at the same time kids are pretty much attached to their parents literally and figuratively for a few years… the last thing that made sense to me was paying more for rent or taking out a mortgage just so I could guarantee that I would have to work to sustain my home and even more so, so that I could pay for daycare… the tiny house began to make even MORE sense once little miss came into the picture.  It has played out just that way too since she’s been born.

Honestly, I have been commended an awful lot and encouraged by others who think the tiny house is perfect for Hazel and out family.  At the same time I have been criticized a lot for having a kid in such a small space.  It’s quickly assumed by some that she is being ‘abused’ and or deprived somehow by not being able to have every gadget available… in my opinion most gadgets are for parents in order to make things convenient.  That said she has a lot of gadgets even in a tiny house… (you have to take the good with the bad, I am learning, there are those on both sides always, it’s just a reality of living a lifestyle outside the norm).  I will tell you that having a kid (or a couple for that matter) is totally possible in a tiny house.  At this point, for the most part she is in my arms or sleeping an arms-length away.  I have already heard that ‘sure, this may work now but when she starts walking… or crawling… or talking… or wanting to have friends over… or hitting puberty etc. etc etc.’  When it is time to move on from the tiny house we will do so but that won’t be happening for a little while… much to the dismay of some :).  For us it will work at least a few years…  Things will change as she gets older and she may have a little brother or sister even in here, things will modify as needed, I built my house just so that I can switch things up and change them around as needed!

For now (Hazel is nearly 4 months old), this is how we fit and where we put our stuff:


So far we don’t need anything else, she doesn’t seem to be suffering.  She doesn’t take any real interest in toys just yet (even the home-made ones we made a couple weeks ago) but she loves going on walks, playing with her dog, having picnics at the park and hanging out with mom all day long.

As far as diapers are concerned and how they mix with a tiny house, we use disposable diapers at night (one) then one in the morning, when she poos.  The rest of the day she is in cloth diapers.  Every once in a while she will poo in the cloth.  While she is on breastmilk those diapers are ok to just be thrown in the washer as is, once she is on formula and/or food they will need to be shaken off first into the toilet.  We will see how that works out but I think we have a pretty good system down… I was unsure how it was going to go in the tiny house.

So that’s how it works, any other concerns or worries about having kids in a tiny house?  How old are your kids and what do you think the hiccups would be moving them into a tiny house with you?