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New eBooks – 101 Things I’ve Learned

I’ve got new ebooks!  I’ve been working on so many side projects lately and not finishing any of them, I made the goal to get these two off my lap before the year ended!  I made it!

Without further ado, I have two new ebooks!

The first is 101 concise lessons learned LIVING in my tiny house.  101 Living


More Info

The second is 101 concise tips and tricks I learned BUILDING my tiny house.
101 Building


More Info

Both are really pretty self explanatory but there is more info on what exactly they are about if you follow the links.  Hopefully the prove valuable/inspirational/helpful in some way!  You could save money if you get them both here as well.  You can find them, my entire build ebook and my plans right here!

As always thank you so much for the support! Cheers to making 2015 an even better year than 2014 (a TALL order!)!

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A Tiny House Addition!?


I am coming up on my two year anniversary of living in the tiny house, I’m meeting my goal, a little slower than I thought I would but meeting it none-the-less!  I thought it would be hard to live in a tiny house, but I was committed (I was going to ‘make it work!’).  Hahahaha!  It’s NOT hard at all, it’s PERFECT!  Except… 2 things…

First, I miss having a project to work with my hands on!

Second, now we have a baby girl… she’s getting bigger every day, that alone isn’t an issue but James and I are talking about having another (shocker family, the big reveal ;-)).  The house works great now for the three of us, and it will for at least a couple more years, but TWO babies, two adults and a great dane… we are looking at expanding. SOOOO I’ve been working up a design!

I’ve often mentioned out ‘next project’ which will be a shipping container house.  I don’t quite have all the money saved for that just yet so this is an intermediate step that will allow us more space while still allowing us to save cashola.  On top of that we get to try out a couple things on a very tiny scale before committing to them on a larger shipping container home (like DIY sprayfoam insulation).  I have always kept in the back of my mind that I COULD expand the house by enclosing the back patio if needed.  I thought about this with Hazel but decided it wasn’t necessary, and I like my patio.  If there was more than Hazelnut then that thought process shifts a little.  Also, Denver may like having a place to get away from the turkey(s) while they are tugging at his face (he MIGHT claim bottom bunk!).  Here’s what I have:

Option one, Exterior:

I will fill in the exterior window opening on the backside (not shown) add a 30″ door to the back and a window on the passenger side allowing a, about 5 foot by 8 foot room.  I don’t want to just continue the exterior material and completely lose the form of my house, I rather like the look.  Instead I am thinking about offsetting the walls about three inches to create a shadow line and also changing the material.  I show corrugated but that’s not necessarily going to be it.  I think it makes me feel better to be able to see the original form and the addition, even though removing the existing siding on the patio would give me enough to reuse on the addition.

Tiny House Plan (2)

Option One, Interior:

I will construct custom, toddler sized bunk beds against the short side of my house with a pull out bench (for reading the kid books) and a toy drawer stored below, cabinets up above for rotating toys.  There is a dresser below the window across from the beds to house all the cloths and store some of those said books!

Tiny House Plan addon

Option two, exterior:

This is a lot the same but a bit different feng shui, the door is on the same side as the entry door and an off center window out the back

Tiny House Plan add opt 22



Option two, Interior:


This would incorporate steps up to the top bunk that double as storage.  I don’t think I like this layout as well but it’s always a good idea to consider the options :)
Tiny House Plan add opt 2

ON TOP OF THIS,  I want to fix some stuff that hasn’t held up as well as I hoped.  I used 3/8″ plywood for all of the cabinet doors hoping to save a little on weight, they all warped, I will be redoing those out of the standard 3/4″ boards.  Since I will be adding all this weight I want to also take the opportunity to remove the tile I installed and replace it with hardwood (the same stuff I’ve been trying to give away :)).  The tile is awesome in the summer, it really helps to keep the place cool but since its such a small area and I have two exterior doors there is a lot of thermal bridging so in the winter, unless I have the radiant heat turned on the floors stay ice cold.  I love the radiant heat but its not as efficient as I had hoped for, I’d like to not HAVE to keep it on at the risk of freezing little toes.  I think a wood floor will be a good (labor intensive but) free change since I still have some of that!

So, this is my spring project!  What’s on YOUR agenda :) (of course thought on the design(s) and perspectives I may not have considered are greatly appreciated!)