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We’re Having A Baby – Part 2

Yup!  Here we go again!  I have no idea how pregnant I am but that happened… again:


Best I can tell is that I am between 4 and 12 weeks, that’s quite the large swath…  which is downright amazing to me, I know exactly when I got pregnant with Hazel because I was SICK immediately and ALL DAY.  I am definitely having different symptoms this go around.  Including those wild dreams you hear about, crazy and irrational food cravings and just a touch of ‘ucky’ in the afternoons, NOTHING like little miss H’s pregnancy.  I still don’t ‘get’  why some people claim to like being pregnant but I don’t ‘hate’ them for lying about it now either… so far things are pretty darn smooth…  Must be a boy :).

To handle the immediate question: No, we’re not moving out of the tiny house.  We ARE adjusting things to accommodate us better!   I get to go into this one knowing a little bit better ‘what kids need’ than the last so that is a big plus.  We are making some adjustments currently to make things a little more comfortable for the pregnancy.

Mainly, I am getting my king size bed back!! (I am currently sitting on it in my loft for the first time in over a year, SO excited!)  Hazel has just crawled out of her co-sleeper for months at this point and slept, mainly ON me… She’ll just span the gap until she has her own room in the extra two feet of comfy bed!  Don’t mind the mess, it is totally ripped apart currently as I am in the midst of a DEEP clean!

What was going to be a breeze got a little complicated, we were going to just swap out the mattresses but as I moved the mattress it smelled a little musty.  I looked and thought I saw mold.  I pulled up the floor board and saw a wet spot in the subfloor below… Total freak out.

I ended up ripping up my floor boards to see the damage only to find out in the end that the one little spot where I saw moisture was a ring of orange koolaid stain that happened when I was first pregnant with Hazel and hated the taste of water so I had to drink koolaid.  There was NO water damage.  All the mold I thought I saw was just dirt and feathers from my bedspread that had been collecting in the corners around the mattress.  So, no need to panic but now it’s nice to know things are working well and I have a brand new fresh subfloor and a very clean floor!  To handle the musty smell that just comes naturally having the mattress sit on the floor James and I designed a little frame for the mattress to sit on and still allow airflow below.  So now I will be sleeping in my UBER comfy king sized bed once more!  And Denver has his own comfy (9 inches of foam) bed to lay in, which he does, ALL. DAY. LONG.

Here are some fun shinanigans from our sleepover in the studio while we tore the tiny house apart yesterday!  Hazel’s smile is my favorite, goofball!

This week I will be going through the rest of the tiny house and giving it a DEEP cleaning and making sure things are holding up ok before we start our renovation, so that we can update anything we need to!  I’ve also been getting ideas together for Hazel’s room/baby nursery?  (maybe the first tiny house nursery, I’ve seen at least!).  I will definitely be doing some glow in the dark murals!  I am thinking this is the right paint?  Does anyone have experience with these?  I would love to know insider tips to make it awesome!  amazing-glowing-walls-art-murals-6Lastly, my mom turned 29 again!  We all got together and went out to eat.  I dressed Hazel in this shirt and waited to see how long it took for them to notice:

10262108_10100547358935504_1826218651213232550_nMom took three minutes, through a  hoodie mind you!  Dan and Jeff were about 20, Nate and Gia were at a disadvantage on seating arrangements but eventually saw it too! :)  Everyone is happy, most of all James and I.  Here is my wild and crazy mom being a good sport at dinner!

I hope you have all been having as much fun as we have!  All the best!



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The Time Has Come For a Renovation!

It’s getting warmer and that means it’s getting closer to our summer project, renovating the tiny house.  We have lived here for nearly two years now, that was our end goal, it’s been AWESOME!  I am SO grateful for my house, it was a lot of work but I never expected it to pay back as well as it has!  If the only reason is that it has enabled me to be able to stay home and raise Hazel that would be more than enough but it’s enabled SO much more… I couldn’t even imagine cleaning my big house while trying to keep tabs on a toddler, I don’t know how others do it!  And the experiences I’ve had… I digress…

I have posted before, here, about adding an addition.  It’s a go!  Not only that, we’re going to update some other things that we think will add to our quality of life.  These Items will be included in our addition/renovation:

#1 – Addition of a small (~32 s.f.) bedroom on the existing patio of our home.  This will give Hazel a bed separate from ours which is getting more important as she is getting more mobile.  It was great in the beginning when she would nap peacefully in her co-sleeper beside my bed, now I am often woke by a kick to the throat, a slap to the forehead, someone trying to gouge my eyes out, literally.  Just this morning I woke up to a baby butt, in my face, and the biggest fart ever to come out of such a small person!  She’s totally awesome but a sometimes gross bed-hog!  I am certain that she will end up in our bed most nights anyway as she is getting really good at moving and climbing stairs… but to have my king size back… and an hour here and there… that will be awesome! :)

This will also include removing one of the windows from the bathroom.  Instead of just filling that space in I am going to leave the window frame in and add shelving to put all the bathroom ‘things’ that have found their way to sitting in the window sills anyway (hair dryer/straightener, gels and gunk!)

#2 – Taking the tile and radiant heat out and replacing it with reclaimed hardwood flooring.  The radiant heat hasn’t been as efficient as I hoped, it lets more cold in if it’s not on so I am left with the option of higher electric bills in the winter or cold floors.  I think this will dramatically decrease to have less thermal mass.  Besides, i am adding more weight with an addition, it only makes sense to offset some of that by removing a 6,000 pound floor system :)

#3 – Replacing the cupboard and drawer faces.  I used 3/8″ plywood to decrease the weight of my millwork pieces. This has been a bad idea from the start, they were slightly warped when installed and it has gotten progressively worse over time.  I will be making new faces out of 3/4″ plywood that will make things much better!

#4 – Adding a bath tub!  This one is still a maybe but my friend Jet pointed this puppy out to me which will work well in my shower footprint (its a little smaller).Small tub


I would still like to be able to shower but it would be nice to use the tub to give Hazel baths, right now she uses a Rubbermaid Tupperware, since we will be here a bit longer than originally thought it would be nice to make the upgrades needed to make our home work for our new [family] lifestyle.  If I had it to do over again I would have reworked the kitchen to include a full sized bathtub, it would be simpler, but this will work well for a renovation!   Hopefully it works out!  (If you know of any other small tubs I would love a link! the space is 42″ x 36″)

I think at this point, with those additions this house will work for several more years for us!  I hope to be posting more of the plans outlined AND the process very soon, just waiting for some nice weather but I am chomping at the bit for another hands on project!

Just for fun: