About Us

Our Story:

Hi, we are Macy, James, Hazel, Miles, and the dog version is Denver (AKA ‘D’, Denny, Ando and more… he answers to anything really…).  We met in architectural school, but didn’t know each other, we were a year apart.  Several years after graduation we once again met at a work function James was leading that ended in a happy hour.  Before we knew it we got caught up in conversation and life planning and then it all started unfolding.  Now it just keeps going!

After one year (to the day) we welcomed our dog Denver into the tiny home, shortly after James moved in.  Then Hazel came 9 months later, followed shortly by Miles.  Now our family is complete and we are taking on the world together in our own way.

Macy is a stubborn advocate of just about anything she’s interested in which right now includes ‘right sized’ housing, child education, animal welfare, wine and family.




James is a techy savant who would never boast about his own accomplishments but he’s far ahead of his time when it comes to all things techy.  He’s also a licensed architect but mostly likes to run his own businesses online.  In a word, he’s a tinkerer.  A successful one!



Hazel is a very independent and opinionated self proclaimed ‘princess’.  She’s very smart and equally kind and pretty much the bravest person I know!  (she’s 2.5 at the time of this writing)



Miles is a comedian, his favorite thing is to be goofy and make people laugh, he won’t stop until he gets a giggle!  He’s a dancing machine and has amazing rhythm. (15 months at the time of this writing)



Denver is the dog that is ever grateful to just go along.  He’s a blue great dane (Macy’s dream dog’ in every way!).  He’s a goof ball who just aims to please and hits the mark all the time! (3.5 at time of writing)




The House:

Macy designed the 196 s.f tiny house in 2011, and started construction before starting to date James in 2012.  James didn’t run away at the idea of dating a ‘tiny house person’ and instead picked up a hammer and helped!  Our home is built on top of a 24′ gooseneck trailer.  The back patio sat on a 5′ extension (dovetail) which was later turned into our children’s’ bedroom bringing the final home to 232 s.f.  Our space was built for just under $13,000 (including the addition, original total was $11,416) including lots of reclaimed materials from our shipping pallet siding to new but reclaimed windows.  It has functioned as a testing ground for lots of ‘green technologies’ like a composting toilet and radiant heat floor.  We have lived full time in the home since June 2013.

The Adventure:

It started pretty low key.  I started blogging my adventure simply because a goal of mine was to blog.  I honestly never expected anyone but maybe my mother to read my site, and even that was a stretch.  Five years later we have over 7 million views and have had our house featured in Time Magazine, Dwell Magazine, on the front page of Yahoo, in several books and countless websites world wide.  I have had the unbelievable experience of being called inspirational.  That stuff goes right to your head you know!  So I keep blogging.  Life changes, people have babies, houses get modified, money gets saved and trips happen.  We all learn along the way.

Our latest adventure is rebuilding a 1966 Aloha Travel Trailer to customize so that we can take a year long (possibly more) road trip with our kids across the country.  Because ‘why not’!?  Our kids are young, we have wanted to, we have been able to work our lives to a point we can work remotely, from almost anywhere.  Sure, the kiddos may not remember it but I am pretty sure it will impact them on an important level.  Living starts now, there are a million reasons to put something off and not as many to move them to ‘now’.  But the important stuff should be handled now.  This feels important.

So we go!

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