Our Winter Shed

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It was SO nice, after that rammed earth wall that took so long to knock out a project in short time! We built a rammed earth pad with our wall so that when we were ready we could take off on the winter shed. In about three weeks we completed it! It was the third project made with the lumber we salvaged from the deck in Boise (deck, rammed earth forms, winter shed) and we still have a pile of that left that will become something else eventually.

We love it. I’ve never had this much food at one time in my life but I’ve never needed to either. Living a few minutes out of town, snow falling all around makes the thought of not having to drive in a couple times a week very appealing!

We can also store 900 gallons of water in here. Because we also use it as an office it stays heated and we don’t have freezing issues. At least that’s the theory. We’ve not had any issues yet and we’re currently sitting in about 6 inches of snow!



  1. Doing great Macy, so proud and happy for you! Following along since the start. Met you one time in Portland at a Tiny House Conference. I am still in my cabin.

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