Our Fire Pit, Bonnie

Macy M3630 views

We spotted this huge old tractor wheel in the lower field. We still aren’t sure what all is hidden on this property. Our neighbor came down with his excavator to help us move it up the hill to become a bon fire pit since our tractor couldn’t even budge it! We are so lucky to have great neighbors! After a little digging and asking around, it is thought to be the drive wheel off a turn of the century steam engine tractor, similar to the one pictured below. It looks like it was converted to a cattle trough at some point. There is a piece of sheet steel welded on the bottom.

We’re very excited to make it a well loved hearth of our property. It’s location is right between the barn and our tiny house. Our plan is to eventually build a little structure around it to block the wind. We’ll have a neat outdoor place to gather with friends when the world opens back up.

Here are some of the cool ideas I have been collecting from around the interwebs for the wind block:


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