It all feels like so much

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I see pictures on Instagram of our last, traveling, life and find myself having twinges of jealousy for the freedom. No, it’s full out waves of wanting to be whisked off with the wind again! We’re a few months into being property owners and we’re feeling the full weight of being responsible for 6 acres.

Now there’s rules. There is teamwork. There is (a lot of) money being spent. There is weather to work with. Timelines. Oh it’s heavy! It’s hard to not think we bought a $10,000 paper weight in the form of a broken tractor. We’ve had materials laying on the ground for our pole barn for a full month but not a pole in the ground. No fault of anything in particular. People were sick. It rained and rained. Then it had to dry out before we didn’t pass our first inspection, the holes!

So here we are. It’s so much more stressful then traveling. Something was calling us to ‘find home’ and now we’re dreaming of hitting the road…

What’s an up without a down though, right?

It’s easy to forget about the rough parts of life on the go now too. It all just seemed so ‘fun’! I do remember the biggest issue on the go was feeling a bit lost. Like I wasn’t contributing to anything in a substantial way. The quest for finding a little piece to steward was to contribute in a meaningful way to something bigger than ourselves. I have to remind myself, if this is the worst of it, we’re doing pretty great!

I got to help level out the pad. We got all the materials dropped off and waiting. Hawg dug all the holes only to find out they aren’t allowed in compacted fill dirt without a geo tech report. I don’t have an extra $5,000 for one of those. So now we’re trying to figure out an alternative that will work! It may come with buying new poles or more concrete. I doubt I’d be able to return the ones we already bought after sitting out for a month in the weather. Waiting is the worst but I’m confident we’ll find a way forward. There really isn’t another way. 🙂


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