A New Season at WhatIf Workshop

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It’s turned into fall in Moscow. The lush green grasses are turning yellow. They are even laying down a bit after the first 2″ of snow. We thought it a good time to update our aerial shots. We plan on doing these in regular intervals so we can see the progress being made over time. You can see the first set of aerials here.


(I think I forgot to share these this summer, they were on our Instagram)


There is a new layer of gravel on the main road, a road cut up to the tiny house which got gravel. There is also the start of the road to the top! We also have a building pad for our shop

Our barn

We’ve been working for a while on our barn plans. Here is the order of operations on how it went:

  • Come up with design
  • Contact engineer to see if it’s feasible/within the budget. (Make minor changes)
  • Contact building supplier to get material estimate. (Make minor changes)
  • Back to engineer with questions. Dial it in.
  • Get estimate from builder for labor.
  • Submit drawings to county for permit. Pay fee.
  • Kick off project with building permit, ordering materials, signing contract with builder.

With these new major purchases we also updated our whole budget). We crossed $100,000. Which stresses me out. Still, a barn, a place to sleep, a tractor and 5.7 acres for 100k… it could be worse.

Here is our barn specks in case you are curious. The low bay will be a wood and metal shop. Under the mezzanine will be general storage. The top of the mezzanine will be work/office/homeschool space. The tall door bay is big enough to build a tiny house in but has no point at this moment, future build space. On the left is open storage space which is where Daisy and Beastie will live in the snow. There is extra space for animal feed or something else too.

Some of the work we did

Hawg came over to level the shop pad while we were there and I got to help! I’m not sure how much help I actually was but it was sure fun to learn how to work a laser level and watch a pro run an excavator. I like to think I learned something which is valuable to me!

The first round of materials was also delivered to the site while we were there which was exciting!

The Ring

We got our Ring set back up in the tiny house so we can keep an eye on the barn construction (sort of, it’s little!). We’ll get notified if anyone comes up to inspect things, too. It just feels a lot better to have eyes on the homestead while we’re back in Boise for a spell.


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