WhatIf Workshop Roads!

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This also was not in the plan but we have roads! We roll with it!

They aren’t all the way yet, but just about enough to bring up the tiny house! I was writing out my ‘to-do’ list the other day and the tiny house made the list. How exciting is that!

The Tiny House Pad

Since we broke Daisy we changed directions to building the shop so we had a place to fix her. Our plan was to build a shop anyhow so why not first. We got it all designed up, engineered and have it into the building supplier to put together a building package. In the mean time, Hawg is getting started on the building pad.

The place we want the shop/barn to go needed lots of fill to bring it up to a grade where we wouldn’t have drainage issues. This means taking dirt from somewhere. Given the tiny house plans we figured we could just see if Hag had room in his schedule to take fill from where we planned on putting the tiny house. He did so we hired him to build the pad. In an effort to stay out of the way we opted to drive to Seattle while he went to work.

The Shop Pad

The dirt from the tiny house pad was about half as much as is needed to build up the pad. We still need more. As much as I would love to build the road to the top it’s pretty hard to do without a tractor. Yet without it we’re holding up the shop/barn so we can fix Daisy. We gave Hawg the go ahead to build the road to the top and use the dirt down at the shop pad.

Daisy Gets her Flowers

Miss Daisy not only got a push down the hill, she got her flowers. We opted to get some vinyl stickers instead of paint and I think it was a great call!

The clutch is still out but Hawg was able to give us a push and get her down off the hill and out of the way for the road work to continue.

Our Seattle Adventure

We were actually on the way to a vintage trailer rally in Washington in order to stay out of the way for the road construction. On the way we got tired of driving. We were almost to Seattle so we thought it may be fun to just spend a few days in a city and show the kiddos a bigger city like Seattle. About an hour away we called around to see if we could find a spot in an RV park. We found two nights but not THAT night. We booked those two and made some other calls to see if anywhere had a place. No one did. It’s very common in city centers to not have a vacancy.

We had just about committed to boondocking somewhere one hour plus outside the city when the original place called us back. They just had a cancelation. With an hour notice we were able to book three nights in a row in Seattle. That’s completely unheard of!

So we took the underground tour, hung out in Pioneer Square, visited Pikes Place and the Public Library. All were awesome and it was a nice distraction.

School Started!

This little lady started Kindergarten. We are using Blossom and Root and it’s going wonderfully! At first Miles was stoked to get ‘alone time’. Now, it annoys him. So he joins in on the activities mostly. I think the competition pushes Hazel though too. So it works out!

Keeping an eye on things

Since we’re now back in Boise for a couple weeks we decided to set up a Ring camera to be able to keep an eye on the property. It’s also nice to be able to see it whenever we want!


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