We’ve got really big news!

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The tiny house is getting a new home! We are under contract on a property that James and I adore. Seriously, we’ve traveled the country looking for a new ‘home base’ to continue our weird little life. We found the perfect place, 288 miles north of our current home base in Boise, Idaho. I refuse to talk about it deeper than that before we sign on the dotted line but then I intend to tell all about it! At this point, we made and offer, accepted a counter offer, finished our inspection and talked to the county about our (tiny) plans (with full approval)! We are just waiting for Friday to hand over money make it official. Then the fun really starts!

In the mean time, here’s other big news!

I’ve officially released our full time travel ecourse, it’s live now! In this one we talk all about how we made a mobile life possible, all the things we did to prepare and stuff we learned along the way to make it easier! Not only ‘what is home’ but all about how to travel with it!

My only goal is to make this easier and more achievable for others. Get it here for the cheapest I am able to sell it for on the given platform, $10. I have been so thrilled with the feedback so far and I hope to help get you out exploring soon!

(If you are interested in any of my other tiny house ecourses you can find them here – or – cheaper by the bundle, here.)


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