Have You Ever Wanted To Travel Full Time?

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I hope so! I really wish everyone could take a little more time to explore!

We’re trying to do our part. While back in Boise, waiting on spring, we’ve been collecting information to share with others in an effort to shortcut the process and empower you to get out and about, faster!

Class #1 – Preparing – February 5th


In the first session we will be talking about all the preparation that went into the trip before we drove our first mile! We’ll go over some of the pros/cons of various RV and other travel modes, banking, mail, insurance. I want to dive into ways to earn income on the go and several options for that. We’ll talk about kids and pets and relationships. Budgeting, schools, and things that inspired us!

Class #2 – Traveling – February 19th


The second session will cover everything we can think of after you drive your first mile! We’ll go in depth on budgeting, membership opportunities that help (and ones that might not…), cooking, towing, weather. I want to cover the topic of kids and pets a bit more as well as other safety concerns along the way!

What I’d LOVE from you

I’m not charging for these sessions, the space I am using does however have a minimum charge for use of the space which is $10/person. Kids are very welcome, ours will be in tow! I am hoping to get feedback from interested parties on what their biggest obstacles are and any questions I haven’t covered. My end goal is to put an ecourse online (similar to my tiny house ecourses) to help streamline the task of transitioning your life to one that is more nomadic, either in short bursts or long term. People who attend these live sessions will be sent free links to the ecourses as well. Both sessions will come with, probably too many, handouts and worksheets.

For more information and to RSVP please find the event pages here:

Session #1 – Family [vaga]Bonding: Getting Ready to Travel

Session #2 – Family [vaga]Bonding: Traveling Fulltime as a Family

I sincerely hope to meet you there! Please share with anyone you think may be interested.

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