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In the same vein as the last post, I have put together some basic tiny house SketchUp components you can download and use to 3D model your own tiny house design.  This file has all the appliances, to scale, that I have in my MiniMotives tiny house.  There are a fair amount of components available in the SketchUp Component Library for your use but I had a hard time finding tiny house specific sized appliances and what not so I thought I would put together a file for your use, if that is something that would save you time in planning your own custom tiny house.


Designing your own home should not HAVE to entail learning all there is to know about a piece of software on top of all the things you’re already learning in order to accomplish your tiny home.  If having these components would be useful for you please feel free to download them and use them at will HERE!

If you have any other helpful SketchUp tools, resources, tutorials, classes, plug-ins that you have found for helping you navigate your way through the design process we would love to have you share in the comments below!  

For other helpful tiny house resources put together for please visit our resource page.  If you find the information helpful please consider chipping in, even a dollar to help PlanningTiny continue to provide assistance and resources for those on their path to a tiny house, check back for more often!

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