Wyoming Is Where It’s At!

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I wanted to call this post ‘Nebraska Is Lacking’ but instead took the high road and thought I’d focus on how rad Wyoming is!  Right now though… we’re in Nebraska, on our way to Mount Rushmore and Deadwood.  About an hour ago one of the ‘neighbors five dogs (a Corgi) came over and peed all over our stuff.  Another one of their dogs (which they seem to have misplaced leashes for) picked a fight with a different neighbors dog.  The German Shepard on the other side of us wants to eat Denver.  All in all, this place could be better.  And yes, I am judging a state based off my 2 hours of experience at one location in it.  Also, while at Scotts Bluff National Park, the three hours we spent there were spent watching some people getting arrested for having Marijuana.  I don’t partake, and I get the laws… BUT the officers took one of the gals in handcuffs away, seized their two dogs, towed their RV (with California plates) and I have no idea what happened to the other lady who was with her who was mentally handicapped.  I don’t know the details, but it sure seemed extreme.  And I am a person who is usually on the side of the cops.  I hope they are both ok though, and their dogs.  I couldn’t imagine…

So, for the second time in a row, the time I am able to sneak away and write a blog post I am having emotions that are counter to the majority of our trip, which is pure lovely!

Yesterday, and the two days before, we spend our time in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It was completely unexpected but completely whimsical!  Even the bad parts were kind of awesome!

We strolled into town, not expecting much but to hopefully be able to find somewhere to boondock for the night before we head out of town the next morning.  Since we saved on lodging we justified going out to eat (for the second time in three weeks).  We found a place we felt we could easily get into and out of downtown and took a stroll.  It was active, engaging (on a Sunday evening!) and a really clean and friendly town!  We immediately saw a horse carriage giving a tour.  The guide was just ending his schpeal and said the tourists were free to pet the draft horses.  So we jumped on that bandwagon.  The kids loved it.  We got a great food recommend from him but stumbled upon a different (and great) option on our way.  It was a little brewery in the train depot that sold beer by the ounce.  Turns out on of the brewers is from Boise, they liked our dog and we had a great night.

The horse carriage tour guy said he’d be back at 11 the next day so we made a point to get down there.  First we thought we’d find a dog park and a playground to let all the kids blow off some steam.  We found the best playground ever!  It’s whole theme was ‘Travel’.  There was a plane, a train, a wagon and a teardrop trailer!  It was super interactive, lots of information.  Turns out it had only opened a few days earlier and we were some of the first people to get to play on it!

We then went downtown for the horses, I was just going to take the kids while James worked but his internet was spotty so he couldn’t.  Instead we asked the guy if Denver (and James) could ride too, he was very cool with it.  So the whole family got the tour!  We learned a lot, including that the first female vote cast, ever, happened in a building (that he pointed out) in Cheyenne.  Also the first female governor ever was there.  After, James needed to get a few things done so he worked and I put the kids down for a nap (quickly falling asleep myself!).

I wake up to a completely panicked James telling me that hail and a tornado is coming.  Believe me, not a great thing to wake up to!  I was confused of where I even was and he’s basically yelling at me to take cover.  I of course thought he was overreacting… nope!

We went to Lowe’s (because they have an overhang) and worked on figuring out a plan.  It wasn’t much after we pulled into the parking lot that the hail started.  It was severe weather to say the least.

There was golf ball sized hail that completely destroyed some vehicles (we saw some of the aftermath)!  We ducked under the awning at Lowes (with a lot of other people!) and rode it out.  Most of the storm just went around us on all sides but we saw the clouds swirling above us.  It was pretty surreal!  I was glad the kids napped right through it, they probably would have been scared!

As soon as it came, it left and it was a beautiful day again!   The storm however was heading the same direction we intended to… so we stayed another night in Cheyenne.   I didn’t feel too bad about that, it’s the nicest town I have been to in a while in terms of the feel and he people.  It was great.

Now we’re in Nebraska… hrumph!

They didn’t even try a little on their ‘Welcome to Nebraska Sign…’ If not for the ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ sign on the other side of the interstate I would have missed it completely!

Still, overall, the trip is a blast!  Rocky Mountain National Park was gorgeous, there are loads of pictures from their on our Instagram.

We’re heading up north to Mount Rushmore and Deadwood soon and then back to Boise for the Idaho State Code Board Meeting on the 27th.   We’ve got a few more things to plan out, like how to more effectively and seamlessly boondock in cities, because we’re a little clunky at that!  Then we’ll be on our way again!

So far, we’ve clocked 1,850 miles.

Hit, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and we will get a couple more state lines on the way back through.



  1. Hello Macy and Family,
    I just love reading your posts and following your progress on your road trip. Great courage and know-how. Look forward to reading more. It is an experience of a lifetime for you and your children. Take care and hope you continue to enjoy your experience.
    Shoshana Melech-Shalom (a Tiny Home Hopeful), Israel.

  2. Oh, sorry about your bad experience in Nebraska! If you ever come back hit us up and my husband and I will show you the nice parts. Which are not in Scottsbluff because Scottsbluff is a hell scape and everyone hates Scottsbluff.

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