One Month On The Road

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We’re getting the hang of this thing!

Here are our totals:

Lodging/Fees             Gas Costs

Week 1          $112.20                       $70.11

Week 2          $140.00                    $72.00

Week 3          $160.00                     $78.12

Week 4          $40.00                      $120.08

Totals           $452.20                     $340.31

Add $412.70 for groceries and we have successfully completed our first month of living on the road for under $2,000 a month, our goal.

Total expenses (rent) this month was $1,205.21

Cost of trailer, completed: $4,300.

Monthly cost to tour the country: $1,200

Worth it!

Every night is a little different, there is definitely room to do this for cheaper and way more ways to make it cost more.  It’s exciting to realize that our goal is achievable though.  We expect things to get a little pricier as we go east too.  I suppose we will see.

Here are some of our favorite moments:

This little dude was hanging out with our little beasties when we got back for the day…

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This little guy came wondering through our camp. He was a little ways away when we got back but walked right up to the camper.  Our kiddos and dog were safely inside the car.  James and I used caution and paid attention.  It was cool to see such a HUGE wild animal this close up.  (these are everywhere around our camp right now by the way, literally, as I wrote this one walked 20 feel outside our trailer window!)

A couple more Jr rangers in the house!

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These two kiddos have collected two of the 59 junior ranger badges for National Parks.  The get a little activity book that we can sit and do together which really just encourages discussions about nature.  There is some coloring, some mazes, maybe some match games and then they have to get brave enough to turn it into a ranger.  The ranger goes through their work with them, asks them questions, sees if they have any questions and then they pledge to watch after nature and are given a badge.  It’s been pretty cute.  Miles is a wild card but Hazel has been taking it pretty seriously.  The last place one of the questions was for the junior ranger to make one of the sounds of the animals on the sheet.  Hazel yipped like a coyote.  Adorable.

Little explorers

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Happy Campers!

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Swooning over rock collections.

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These two being best friends is amazing to watch!

We found a place to call home for the night.

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This one having the time of his life and the comfort of his bed… we’re so glad to have brought him!  Sometimes he has to wait outside with one of us but most places have been very welcoming of him.

Bunch of weirdos!

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There have been plenty of challenges so far but James and I are tackling them one by one.  It’s pretty great to get to see the country as a family.  We’re looking forward to continuing on!


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  1. Wow! How fun! You were wise to be cautious around bison – they can outrun a horse. Enjoy your journey! I’m sure the kids will remember this trip for years to come.

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