We’re Officially On The Road

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We’re on the road!

Finishing Steps:

So, the last few things we did… We tested the water, we didn’t think it would work honestly after testing it because it put of SO MUCH heat and I just wasn’t comfortable with that.  BUT we discovered the fan was installed backward.  Instead of removing the heat it just kept it from venting.  We flipped it and it works beautifully! We also hung up our artwork which really makes the place feel ‘Homie’.  Who, by the way, didn’t make it (our houseplants name is Homie).  I had to re-pot him to a new pot and it just didn’t work out.  He crumbled under the pressure!   I have an absolute black thumb and it’s amazing Homie lived as long as he did… we are in search of a Homie version 2 soon.  Also left behind with grandma is Ruby and Sapphire, our fish.  The will enjoy the ride better there and not make a mess when the kids thrash around in their sleep and kick the flimsy plastic tanks we got them.  I had nightmares right before we left of fish out of water wiggling around my kids as we try to clean up in the night…

Grandma Jan was very nice to adopt them last second…

Where We’ve Been:

We made it to the first destination, 113 white knuckle miles.  We got a prime spot with water and electric hook ups.  Wifi is good!  Made some dinner in the travel trailer and hung out.  Hazel saw a deer at dinner.  “I thought it was a bear, but it was just a deer” she said. Denver is in heaven, we are so glad we brought him (as if there was any other option).  We had to take turns seeing the alligators but it was well worth it.  We used the bath, the hot water isn’t going to be as big of an issue as expected which is totally awesome!

It was a night of many firsts!  I’ve never driven with a trailer any more than it took to move ours to the bon voyage party and our house to pack up.  So I logged my first 100 miles trailering.  Never having driven one I haven’t backed one up either, I had to squeeze into our spot between two trees, and we did!  I haven’t cooked in there before but I made a big batch of spaghetti the first night.  We used out potty for the first time (all went well ;-)).  The kids took a bath, a short one but it counts (Miles likes to pull the plug).  James worked remotely.  We all slept great.  We had our naps, our meals and we survived, even thrived on this.

I think it’s going to be ok guys!

So, going forward, we will be here until about noon tomorrow, then we’re heading to Shoshone Falls to see what we can see.  We will try our hand at real boondocking in Twin Falls. We’ll find a big box store to sleep at.  Then wake up and head down toward Willard Bay State Parkfor a couple days.  EVERYTHING seems booked up for Memorial Day weekend so we’re going to head into Salt Lake City for some urban bookdocking over the weekend.  Maybe spend some of our entertainment budget to go to the aquarium and stuff.  Then we’ll spend a couple days at Antelope Island State Park before vearing north to head to Mount Rushmore for our Anniversary (June 21).
ADDITIONALLY!  Did you know, if you wanted to rent out your driveway to people who are doing what we are doing you can sign up at TryItTiny.com?  Or if you wanted to offer us your driveway for a safe place to park while we explore your city feel free to say so! 😉  BUT, if you’re interested in making money from an empty parking spot check it out.
Our internet is pretty spotty and our data is limited.  The very best place to see updates and pictures along our way is on our Instagram account, LearningTheLongWay.  I will try to post some here periodically as well, but there is more there…
our opinion on criteria to consider
Banbury Hot Springs review:
wifi: good, better with booster
Dog friendly: yes!
kid friendly: YES!
1,000 Springs Review:
wifi: non-existant
Dog friendly: nope
kid friendly: sorta

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