One Year and One Week!

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ready to roll... after we get the A/C working!

That’s how long it takes to demo, design and rebuild a new travel trailer.  We bought the original mes on Mothers day, we finished it almost a week after the next mothers day.

We’re making the most of being over schedule!  We’re doing a lot of stuff we didn’t plan to get done until we were on the road, it will be nice to have it all done though!

I want to celebrate by showing you a couple before and after pictures:

What we did:

We stopped to get our Pilot (pull vehicle) tires rotated.  We were aware that the tread on the front tires was low, we were thinking we could just swap them.  Apparently all wheel vehicles don’t work the same, the tread needs to match of you can hurt the transmission.  This was news to me, I have never had an all wheel vehicle.  In any event they replaced all the tires.  They did buy the rear tires back from us though so that helped.  It is nice peace of mind to have new tires for the journey too.

We also took the trailer in to an RV shop to check over the axle for us and re-pack the bearings.  They ended up replacing 3 of the 4 bearings.  They said the trailer looks great and is definitely road worthy!  More than that they paid us some very nice compliments on the rebuild.  He said it looked ‘damn good!’ and was particularly impressed with the skinning job done!   Can’t say there is much better feeling than having a professional pay some high praise on a job well done!  Certainly gives us some great peace of mind!

One thing our test drive last weekend taught us was that the spare tire was too low.  We bought a new mount that lifts it hire and it totally solves the issue.

Left to do:

We’re packing up and cleaning up to set off with a clean conscious!  The tiny house needs cleaned up.  The yard needs cleaned up.  Things on the deck need brought in and secured.  We’ll be spending some hours in the shop picking up and putting away the mess we made in there over the last year!  I’ll be cleaning my car up and getting it ready to sell even though I probably won’t until we come back through town in June, given we like traveling.  The Pilot needs a deep clean and the camper needs packed!

We’ve got the house rigged up with cameras so we can keep an eye on things.  We have the cat micro-chipped and a door that only works for him.  James’s mom is going to fill his food when he needs more.  He’s happy as can be and we haven’t even seen him since he’s had his own in and out… cats…

Some grocery shopping, then some gas and we’ll be rolling south!

Once we get somewhere cool we will take some good finished photos and maybe a little video tour of all our little personal details and planning!

Some pictures:


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  1. I can’t get over what a beautiful job you both did on the trailer, Macy. It really looks stunning! The year and one week really paid off. I’ve been following your blog for a very long time and feel like I know you :). I wish you and your family all the best on your big adventure. Can’t wait to see photos of the different places you go. We are headed to AZ this winter with our travel trailer. It’s a long trip from northern NY, but we are really excited about it. We will be spending six months there to get away from the cold and snow. I’ll keep my eye out for you while we travel. You never know – our paths may cross :). Again, best of luck and stay safe out on the road.

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