Travel Trailer Countdown – 2 Weeks!

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We’re still in good shape, our schedule has more color than I would like but I think we can catch up this week.

What We Did:

This weekend James tested up in his Krav Maga class!  (good job James!)

We also got a lot done on the trailer.  Saturday we got the door figured out and hung (hardware on Sunday).  The tires are on and working!  I trimmed out all the windows inside, they just need a coat of paint.  James got the road lights in and working.  All the covers are back on the utilities.  Sunday we got the vents all on and the A/C mounted on the roof.  We can officially lock the door which means that the soft stuff like the beds and the couches can go in!

And while we worked, Miles learned a new trick, you can see it here… let’s hope its a LONG time before he figures out the key turn!

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This one is trouble!

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What We Have Left:

We are going to catch up this week by going out on Wednesday to try to tackle the awning.  We could officially bring it down to the tiny house any time but with just a little left to do it will be easiest to keep it in place where all the tools are.  So, need to do:

  • Awning
  • Final test plumbing
  • Apply the stickers I messed up
  • Charging station assembly
  • Hook up A/C
  • Toilet box Assembly
  • Build curtains/install

Then the whole trip planning… that is another days issue 😉

Tiny House Update:

We got approval to have the tiny house sit tight on our lot while we’re on our trip.  One of the conditions being that we move it back five feet.  We TRIED!  Several times.  The ground is a mess.  I had to email the city hoping they would be ok without that condition being met, we moved it a total of about 1 foot.  The more we tried the bigger mess we made of the ground.  At a point our axles were on the ground and the tires were in huge ruts.  We had no choice but to jack it back up and hope they would be ok with it OR Hire a crane to come move the sucker.  We lucked out once again and they said it was ok.  Phew!

I would have sprung for a concrete pad had I known I would be able to stick around for more than a few months.

Progress in Pictures:

And In Family Nonsense!

We’ve been practicing having fun together too 😉


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