Travel Trailer Countdown – 2 weekends!

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Even though tires aren’t blacked out they are pretty much done… They are just shipping.  And we did some preliminary work for some of next weeks items.  So I say we are still on schedule!

What we did:

We started the weekend sticking in some windows!  It went seamlessly!  It is nice to be on the other side of most of the real labor intensive parts, now it’s just time that needs to be put in.  James worked hard to put the step in while I taped the seams and prepped for the edge molding.  Then he got the vents put in the water heater closet and the potty area.  Then I put the edge molding on and James started putting in the lights.  I also got the storage boxes mounted on the front of the trailer.

We didn’t officially get the tires on (sad) but we got out plan of action figured out.  I was going to refurbish the original wheels.  I even put in a couple hours of work on them.  They would be fine BUT we opted to get new rims all together.  They are spendy (~$60 a wheel) but it saves me several hours, some materials and then we have new wheels that we will worry less about.

We were going to buy new wheels and tires from the local tire shop but they treated me like a girl who walked into a auto shop (you know, like I know nothing…).  I had to ask the guy a questions six times before he would answer me (what size the wheels are, 5″ or 6″ in depth, I couldn’t measure with the tires on).  He just kept telling me it didn’t matter because they could only order 6″ wheels.  I also asked a couple other questions that apparently he didn’t feel were worth answering (are the new wheels black? will they fit a 12.25″ hubcap?).  Instead he took the wheels to the shop, took the tires off (like asked) and then sent another guy in to charge me.  I left pretty irked so… we bought the wheels online and they are in the mail.  It may not have mattered to that guy what size the wheels are but that guy doesn’t work at the only place to get new wheels…  They cost a little more but I know they are exactly what they need and that guy makes 0% commission off of me.

So three new tires and wheels will cost almost as much as the dang trailer!  But we won’t have to worry about them!

We also got a deal on an 18″ Samsung tablet to use as our RV TV (  It’s a good size so we can facetime with the grandparents or use it to watch movies together.

What we will do next:

Next weekend we’ll be putting in the rest of the lights, hanging the hatches and the door.  Hopefully trimming out the inside and getting the toilet ready.  The awning is the next biggest thing but it should go pretty quick.  If we get those things done next weekend I will be happy.  Then, the last weekend will be hooking up the solar array, installing the A/C and whatever finishing touches are needed.

Oh, I also messed up the sticker!  I put on the hatch sticker before I installed the vents.  I already spoke with the man who made the map for me so hopefully he will be able to send me a couple spare states along with the new markers he’s sending (he sent the wrong size on accident).

Some pictures:


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