Travel Trailer Countdown – 3 Weeks

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We’re still on target, although we are getting there a different route than planned… it will probably be a reoccurring theme…

What we did:

We had big plans of getting all the metal up on the sides and then maybe the awning and map on the outside.  When we were actually getting to it we realized the wheels wells needed some love.  A good portion of the first work day was spent getting the wheel wells figured out.  It needed to happen though so our adapted plan was to just get the metal up.  WHICH we did!  We still need to cut the openings and fasten it down (it’s just stapled in place at the moment).  I want to get the mural on first so I don’t have to apply the stickers around the fasteners.  So, hopefully we can put in a little overtime, maybe through the week and get the map on… because I am way too excited to do that :).

What’s Up Next:

This week we’re going to try to get road worthy!  Metal all sealed up, window holes cut, windows in, new tires, possibly the door hung.  It’s a lofty goal but it may be possible!  We won’t be able to actually move the thing until we get the A/C installed on top but as close as we can will be fantastic!  The scary things are over, now it’s just time that is needed to finish the details up.  That’s so exciting!

I can’t wait to pull it down to the tiny house and start packing it up!  A few more weeks to go!


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