Trailer Update

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On Schedule.  Still. Amazing!

I thought we were behind a week but it turns out I am just bad with numbers at times.  We are perfectly on schedule now.  We may even be able to pull ahead of schedule after next weekend!

Also, I have yet to spend much time on Instagram but it seems like the best platform to quickly update our friends and family about our trip and our adventures.  So, we started an instagram for just that.  If you happen to ‘IG’ we’d love to keep track of you too!  Find us HERE.

We Had A Special Visit!

We had some special visitors coming through town, Christian and Alexis from Tiny House Expedition.  It was so cool to get to hang out with them a little.  They are so down to earth and so friendly!  They took a tour of our tiny house and gave us (and my parents) a tour of theirs!  It’s always so cool to get inside of different houses, they are all so different, they have some very nice features!  My favorite is their steps to the loft and the shoe rack behind the door!

They came out to the tiny house and after, they came out to the camper.  They are our first official visitors in the camper!

What we worked on

We are officially registered!  We went down Friday and picked up our license plate!  On top of that exciting news, we did the roof!  The metal is on!  The plan was to do the sides first and then the roof but materials (or lack of) dictated that the roof went up first!  We started one piece the weekend previous so we knew it would be tricky.  Then we modified our insall plan and were able to get all of the metal on the front/roof/back on Saturday.  It made for a long day.  Sunday was all about finishing up the details, tucking the metal under, cutting the appropriate holes, and cleaning the windows etc.

Alexis and Christian came out and we hung out for a bit.  We took the opportunity to dryfit all of the things I have worked on sewing.  It all pretty much worked!  Good enough for who it’s for at least… :).

We also got our map in!  It wasn’t scheduled to go up until almost last… but I think I want to try to put it on before we screw in the metal pieces, that way I don’t need to work around all the screws… that makes it this weekends issue!

What’s Next

So, as of today, the material we need to finish the side metal is in.  So his weekend, the goal is to finish the metal.  We will hang both sides but just staple the drivers side.  That way I can work on hanging the map while James works on hanging the awning.  Both are later on the agenda.  And all are things that we were scared to get to.  After spending a weekend working on the roof it seems much easier, or at least more clear.  While it will be a busy weekend it will also be a fun one!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

And our visit!



  1. So much awesome – good work!
    Two things I’d be curious to hear more in a future post:
    1. you only work on the camper on weekends, but you’ve said you and james both quit your jobs – why the limited “project” hours?
    2. there doesn’t appear to be a door by the toilet area, is that accurate? Tell me more about that decision and how that is expected to play out on the road.

  2. You guys are amazing! It has been SUCH an honor to have been invited on this journey with you; through Hazel’s birth, the building of your first home, a dog, arrival of baby #2, & the creation of the trailer. Alas, the journey through the legal system. Thank you for taking us all with you.

    With much appreciation, we look forward to seeing you all one day.
    Hugs from Houston,

    Rowena & Jonathan

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